Unlike many space games, the galaxy where Drox Operative takes place is not empty. For various reasons there are numerous monsters flying about in space. The reasons of their existence and why they attack on sight might vary tremendously, but they are all extremely dangerous. The following may contain spoilers.

Thunder (IotA only)

Drox Operative - ThunderThunder Talon disable and destroy ships with a massive lightning field. This short-ranged, brutal weapon means these monsters prefer close fighting and are fearless of collision. Thick armor plating makes Thunder hard to kill. These space tanks appear infrequently, but are dangerously aggressive. Little is know about Thunder reproduction or energy consumption.

Special Abilities: Lightning Field

Nemato (IotA only)

Drox Operative - NematoNemato are common and fairly low-level, but very dangerous hunters. They are masters of quick ballistic bursts, using speed to ensure strikes on their target. While they normally hunt down any vessel that has life to harvest, it was recently discovered that they also target Storm Talon to harvest their vast energy stores.

Special Abilities: Burst Shot

Doom (IotA only)

Drox Operative - DoomThere isn't much known about Doom, because the Legion use them as planet killers. The little that is known is that they are rare, robust, and their slow missiles are very powerful and hard to destroy.

Special Abilities: Doom Missile

Disruptor (IotA only)

Drox Operative - DisruptorDisruptor are another beam wielding Talon, but more dangerous than their kin. They deploy vicious missiles which disrupt weapon systems and delay recharge, slowing down their victim's ability to fight. They range in small swarms, hunting together for organic prey.

Special Abilities: Disruptor Missile

Cesto (IotA only)

Drox Operative - CestoWith a ship face like goggles, the Cesto Overlord are always watching, hunting for new organic matter to infect. While they are not the most vicious of Overlord, they are common and abundant. They overwhelm enemies with larger numbers and fierce tenacity. Cesto store energy for a massive, devastating ballistic attack, usually finishing off an unwary enemy after the smaller stings of their previous attacks.

Special Abilities: Massive Railgun

Peacekeeper (IotA only)

Drox Operative - PeacekeeperPeacekeeper Legion fight by firing a slow MIRV. The MIRV then splits into many fast missiles. It's easier to destroy the MIRV before it releases the missiles than it is to stop all of the missiles from hitting your ship. This isn't as easy as it sounds. Peacekeepers rarely travel alone, and the MIRVs can be easily overlooked in the heat of battle.

Special Abilities: MIRV


Drox Operative - SchismThe Schism fly agile cruisers built to attack and defend in groups. They use beams as their main weapon and reserve their big weapon for difficult opponents, powerful bombs. Advanced sensors help them find enemies and resources.

Though fighting was their primary purpose, the Schism have taken to mining asteroids and other space debris, including Swarm Talon’s hidden eggs. The Swarm declared war and hunted down Schism for annihilation, and the Schism responded in kind. This particular Talon deserved Legion justice.

Special Abilities: Bombs


Drox Operative - LasherDryad used the small corvette sized Lasher until shuttle pods were outdated. Lasher ships have sharp angles and long, front facing pincher wings. In the wild, they formed a symbiotic relationship with the massive Quake, consuming radiation unleashed by the Quake’s attack on other vessels. Lasher are short distance ships, but hitch a ride across galaxies on a Quake’s back. The titan Quake benefit from the lasher’s long range sensors.

Lasher use beam weapons and are generally short lived. Each ship is monoecious, having the reproductive structure of both sexes, and they birth many live offspring. Since they prefer the company of Quake, they are often in the outer sections of solar systems.

Special Abilities: Rapid Fire and Radiation Resistance


Drox Operative - AcanthThe Acanth fight dirty, keeping their cruisers at a distance while hoping you’ll run into their mines. Impressive shielding make them hard to kill while they attack with missiles. You may pass unnoticed during one of their sleep cycles, but they’ll come up hot and fight aggressively if attacked. Acanth like to strip critically injured ships of any type.

Special Abilities: Mines


Drox Operative - StormThe only type of Talon on amiable terms with the Dryad is the frigate-sized Storm. Its body is cylindrical with a narrow crest and two rear spikes. They attack prey and other dangers by harnessing vast electric-like energy into lightning cannons. They prefer living in the inner section of solar systems and feed primarily from sunlight.

Storm are the only Talon who mate in monogamous pairs. Though the females are smaller and more aggressive, both genders are playful within family groups. Mothers birth live ships, and other often younger females help raise and protect the young.

One of the most unusual features of Storm is their willingness to help several other species of Talon (Lasher, Flame, Claw, and Swarm) by towing injured vessels to resources and saving their lives. They are intelligent creatures and keep away from potentially dangerous Talon like Quake, Ghost and the larger Tide. Storm are quick to attack and hard to kill. They rarely interfere with other Talon or Dryad fights, but will tenaciously defend their own kind.

Special Abilities: Lightning Cannon


Drox Operative - SwarmThe bat-shaped Swarm are frigate-sized Talon. They prefer large groups in inner solar systems. Together, their missile attacks can be devastating to potential threats. They are hyperactive and constantly moving, often congregating around dimensional pockets, asteroid fields, and other large areas of space debris. Though the Swarm are smart enough to keep their distance from Quake, the Dryad discontinued their service due to the Swarm's temperamental nature.

The smaller, better armored males far outnumber the females. They mate with many females and will sacrifice their own lives to protect an injured female. The Swarm females lay many large eggs, usually in asteroid fields or belts. Like their parents, the newborn Swarm primarily feed off sunlight, but prefer organic matter.

Special Abilities: Swarm Missiles



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