Invasion of the Ancients Reviews

TwoDashStash - 4.5/5
This was a game that received very little media attention and was developed by a small group of developers at Soldak Entertainment. I did not realize that I was about to play one of the best games to come out on the PC in the past 5 years."... Players will be hooked as they explore their galaxies, create alliances, make enemies, wage war, help planets, fight off space monsters, upgrade their ships, and much more. This game is incredible and will keep players interested for a very long time. ...This review does not do this game justice. The level of depth and richness in Drox Operative cannot be simply be described by words, it must experienced. It is an enjoyable masterpiece that delivers an experience that is unlike anything else on the market.
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technology tell - A-
Drox Operative was already a great game, well worth the investment for gamers with tastes refined enough to appreciate an indie design philosophy. Invasion of the Ancients doesn’t screw anything up, and adds a little, which about all you can do when start with something that was already about as good as it can be.
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The Indie Mine - 4/5
...Drox Operative: Invasion of the Ancients is a great first expansion. The original game and expansion can be picked up for around $30, and I recommend it...
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Twinfinite - 4/5
It’s one of the only games I can think of in recent memory where it can be incredibly tense or super chill depending on how you want to play it. For a game that’s as all-over-the-place as this one, it really is impressive how well it pulls those strands together and makes for a pretty damn fun game.
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RandomNPC - 8/10
Invasion of the Ancients is Drox Operative playing a little harder, a little smarter, and a lot less predictable; space combat and intrigue with a dash of speed chess. It’s devious, challenging, and easy to sink hours into without realizing it.
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Gamercast - 4/5
On paper its easy to presume that the Invasion of the Ancients expansion does not include much to add to the game, however with the deadly Ancients on your tail and the Drox Guild breathing down your neck, there's more than enough new content, features and mechanics for fans of the game to get lost in the vast expanse of space once more.
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Christ Centered Gamer - 80%
If you enjoyed the original, you will likely enjoy the new features and quests. The new Scavenger race is a joy to play.
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Hardcore Gamer - positive
With the release of this new expansion, now is the perfect time to jump into the game. Playing through with all this extra content is a great way to experience it for the first time, so if you’re considering giving the game a shot, pick up the expansion as well.
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Nerd Maldito - positive
No quote since review is in Portuguese. :)
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Rock Paper Shotgun - very positive
While it doesn’t have the flashy, immediate appeal of a conventional Pinata-popper like Diablo, Drox Operative provides the greater gift of a world in which the action part of ARPG has consequences, as does inaction. It’s the advancement of the genre that so many people have given up on searching for and Soldak have been providing it for years.
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GamerTell - A-
Players ready for some original and good game ideas, and don’t mind the lack of “big game A title” refinements should definitely give Drox Operative a look.
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IncGamers - 9
This is the direction in which I want to see more aRPGs taken; marrying established conventions to a wider context and broader ideas. It’s tremendous stuff, and I urge everyone to at least give the demo a try. That way, when one of the big-budget aRPG releases of the future steals this concept and starts hoovering up critical adoration, you can be right there in the vanguard of smuggery saying “Of course … Soldak did it first.
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I-Luv-Games - 9
Go buy Drox Operative now! There, I said it. I’m breaking both format and formula, and I’m going to start this review in reverse. Perhaps I should explain why Drox Operative is so good instead, then you can decide whether it’s your type of game or not. Or perhaps you should just go download the demo, enjoy the gameplay, and then buy it. Yes, that is what you should do. The only people I can’t see enjoying a game like Drox Operative are non-gamers, or the type of individual who only plays casual games such as Solitaire, Mahjong, or Bejeweled (not that there’s anything wrong with that!). One thing’s for certain, you simply can’t consider yourself a “gamer” if you can’t find it in your gamer heart to enjoy at least some of the gameplay and elements found within this epic sci-fi starship action and RPG game.
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Bytten - 88%
...after some extended exposure to Drox Operative, I can assure long time fans that Soldak's dedication to addictive and re-playable games shines through in the newest offering just as strongly as in previous games. It's signature style of emergent and surprising gameplay is well and truly present; every game has the potential to pan out in a vastly different format to the last.
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GAMINGtruth - 8.75
Soldak Entertainment truly has brought a gem to the world of indie games with Drox Operative. This sci-fi RPG space sim brings a high level of replayability with an incredible level of content, allowing gamers virtually infinite gameplay that’s ever-shifting and dynamically changing — an element which is much akin to our own universe.
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Gamer Living - 4.5/5
For such a diverse and complex game, Drox Operative delivers in terms of ease of gameplay, length, and entertainment overall. If you’re looking to test your skills of manipulation or “negotiation,” this is the action RPG for you.
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Capsule Computers - 8.5
The variety of play and stories players can try their hand at is spectacular, so that anyone looking for a game that can be played in a vast multitude of ways can find it here.
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Gamesfinity - 8.5
Overall I was charmed by the addictive gameplay, the deep combat system, and the diplomatic balance between the different races. Watching your ship grow from a little tiny war fighter into a massive cruiser-sized warship is rewarding, and I would recommend this game to anyone that enjoys space combat games, or action RPGs. For the indie price, there is plenty of game to satisfy even the hardcore gamers among us.
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The Entertainment Depot - 8.5
Drox Operative is a fantastic action-RPG that manages to do a lot with a little.
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leetNEET - 8.5
Drox Operative, Soldak's latest release, continues this tradition of providing an interesting and engaging experience that manages to impress without requiring an expensive gaming rig. ...Drox Operative is a great indie title that lasts a long time. It can be played in short spurts, or in long sittings, and the gameplay itself never gets tedious or boring.
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Gaming Trend - 83
If you can cope with the relatively average graphics and the slightly overwhelming interface, what you’ll find is a refreshingly unique game that offers a tremendous amount of replay value for a low cost, a practically endless amount of challenge and most importantly, a whole lot of fun on top of it all.
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Christ Centered Gamer - 82%
...for those gamers who enjoy role-playing games and care more about the hack-n-slash than the storyline (and I've gamed with some of these players), they'll probably get a real kick out of Drox Operative.
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RPG Codex - pretty positive
I can heartily recommend this game to everyone who played and enjoyed any of the previous games by Soldak Entertainment. The basic principle is the same - a Diablo-like with a twist - and this is their most refined offering yet. If you enjoy Diablo-likes in general and want something that brings fresh ideas into the genre, you cannot go wrong with this, either.
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Gaming Illustrated - 80%
Overall, Drox Operative for the PC is a great game that will bring hours of fun...Soldak Entertainment has created a compelling action RPG that will surely have gamers jettison many hours into space.
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Gamercast - 4/5
Between juggling the inhabitants of a sector, building the best darn ship that ever soared and bringing the Drox up to the legendary status that they once held, Drox Operative is a ridiculously addictive, and extremely effective action-RPG, and it puts some of the higher budget PC titles out there to shame in what it achieves 4/5.
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VGW - 4/5
It took me a little bit to “get” Drox Operative, but once I did, I was impressed with the amount of layers the game has. The NPC factions are constantly doing their own thing, sometimes getting in your way and sometimes helping you out, which kept me on my toes. The racial relations element also helps keep Drox Operative from being just another click-and-loot fest in space.
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GameNTrain - 4/5
It’s an addictive space RPG which keeps the rewards coming, a toolbox that gives plenty of freedom, barely ever falling into boring farming, and that’s not something a lot of productions of this kind, whether single player or MMO, can brag about.
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Inside Mac Games - 8.0
– addictive, engaging gameplay, immersive and dynamic gameworlds, challenging and satisfying combat, and incredibly replayability. Those qualities hold true just as strongly to this game as they do to its predecessors.
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Halfbeard's Hud - 4/5
Don’t allow your click-weary, loot collecting index finger to let you down because it thinks you have already had your fill of ARPG’s this year. I can assure you Drox Operative has saved the most original, alive and interesting experience till last.
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RandomNPC - 8
Drox Operative isn’t just a cut above most loot-happy clickathons, it’s in a whole other genre: an innovative action RPG blended with the heart and soul of a 4X game. This is, without a doubt, one of the most pleasantly addictive games I’ve played in a long time.
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GamingLives - 8
I’d highly recommend this to any fan of action RPG games that wants something a little more in-depth than stabbing gnomes repeatedly in the face until they reach the boss. Drox Operative offers a unique game every playthrough, amazing control over your game experience, plenty of variance in quests and a whole heap of lore, stats and ways to complete the game. You couldn’t demand much more from Soldak Entertainment.
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RPGFan - 80%
But if you're willing to stick with it, you'll be very richly rewarded. Drox Operative is something entirely different from its peers among whom I'd count Diablo, Torchlight, Path of Exile, and Titan Quest. It's something familiar and it's something bewilderingly new. It's the type of game that pushes my buttons as a game reviewer and just a gamer period.
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Pixel Perfect Gaming - 4/5
Drox Operative offers infinite possibilities and limitless replayability. ...the attention to detail (especially on the ships) is extraordinary. Bright, colored nebulas and wormholes exist inside the empty void of space and they are nothing short of breathtaking. Drox Operative is a must-have for any gamer that enjoys the Sci-Fi rogue-style genre.
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The Indie Mine - 4/5
If you have an itching to pilot your own starship and explore, plunder, destroy, or what have you, Drox Operative will certainly not disappoint. My space-faring career may have just started, but the Space Weasel and her crew will soon be feared by all as we aim to be the top Drox Operative. Great Game!
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Elder Geek - 4/5
At the end of the day, there aren’t many games that absorb me to the point where I’m staring at my computer screen with my mouth agape losing all track of time. Drox achieved that, and while I do have a couple nitpicky issues with it, I still had an awesome time doing whatever the hell I wanted in the far reaches of space. If you want more info on Drox, or if you want to download the demo you can go to Soldak’s website. I highly recommend it, and I think you will be glad you did.
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indieHaven - 8/10
Drox Operative is full of the excitement and action you want in an Action-RPG, with the added joy of being in space.
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ElcomeSoft - quite positive
Drox Operative is a game which I say draws inspiration from games like Space Rangers and Diablo, whilst introducing some 4X elements from classics such as Civilisation to form an enjoyable eclectic mix of gaming. The addition of leveling up, multiple race choices and the random universe generator all combine together with several other elements including the loot system to produce a game which possesses a great amount of replayability. Should you buy Drox Operative? For me, it's a Yes.
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Strafing Forward (video) - positive
I haven't seen anything like this in an action RPG before. It's like they took the best from the action RPG and from the 4X strategy genre and combined it to make this beautiful thing really. I'm not particularly fond of action RPGs...I'd go as far to say I don't particularly like them, but this game I had a lot of fun with, and it was really hard to stop playing... Anyway, our conclusion on this game is, if you're a sci-fi action RPG fan, definitely get it. There's a lot of hours of gameplay in it.
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True PC Gaming - positive
Drox Operative is a great, deep, action game. I can play it for five minutes to satisfaction, or lose hours and have so many stories to tell. 2012 was a big year for action RPGs with multiple high profile releases and announcements, but Soldak has made possibly the best one yet, and it didn’t involve a single unique collectible item to gain unrelated stat bonuses. Unless you hate action RPGs, go buy this today.
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Press X or Die - positive
In closing, if you’re a fan of loot-em-ups like Diablo or Torchlight, and like space-based sims, this game will probably fit you like a glove, because there’s tons of goodies to pick up everywhere. Drox Operative is a solid addition to the action-RPG genre, taking elements that worked in various other games and forging them to make a unique experience that stands on its own merits.
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ManaPool - 7.4
Drox Operative deep down really is a good game. It dares to do things differently, and it adds enormous depth to a genre which normally is pretty shallow. The problem is that this depth is not very accessible, and it takes quite some effort from the player to get past the steep learning curve and start truly enjoying the game.
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Gametactics - 7
All in all a very fun game that challenges the idea that you need to have a beefy computer to have an entertaining and worthwhile experience for a third of the cost, running at $20 USD. I would definitely recommend this game for any open-world loot-collecting action RPG fan, with a taste for space exploration as well.
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Game Industry News - 3.5/5
Speaking of fresh, remember when it was the norm for RPGs to use randomly generated dungeons? Well I do and so did the creators of Drox Operative. This time though we aren't just talking about random dungeons, were talking about random universes. That's right folks, every time you start a new game it will be in a completely new universe than what you've ever played before. This is yet again a feature that keeps Drox Operative feeling fresh.
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