In the galaxy where Drox Operative takes place there are 13 different races. Ten of these races are fairly diplomatic. They will at least pretend to listen before they try to eradicate the other races on the way to galactic domination. The other three? They are pretty much hostile to all life for one reason or another. The following may contain small spoilers.

Scavenger (Invasion of the Ancients expansion)

Drox Operative - Scavenger EscortDrox Operative - Scavenger LogoDanger Level: Very High

A mixer of vehicle components, Scavengers adapted both mechanical and biological tech as solutions for Drox Operative - Scavenger Portraitadvancement. Natural evolution led to incorporating any leftover debris after battles, including other races' ship corpses and technological abilities. Profiting from the demise of others was business as usual, but other races thought it an abhorrent practice and despised the Scavengers for it. The Scavengers enjoy a period of great advancement and wealth during wartime, which explains many other races' fear and hesitancy to engage this voracious enemy.

Traits: Scavenger and Reverse Engineering


Drox Operative - Shadow EscortDrox Operative - Shadow LogoDanger Level: Moderate

Small, stealthy Shadow are hard to find. These camouflage artists employ excellent planetside tactics and well Drox Operative - Shadow Portraitskilled ambushes. Feisty demon-beings, Shadow will quickly change sides when it’s to their advantage. They are hard to trust for a reason. Betrayal is in their nature, but there is no species better suited to the spy profession.

Traits: Spies and Defensive


Drox Operative - Human CorvetteDrox Operative - Human LogoDanger Level: High

More advanced than the ragtag days of early space exploration, Human civilization has finally united, at least Drox Operative - Human Portraitenough to compete with the other expansionist races of the galaxy. But will they keep their natural aggression external, or collapse back into the old pattern of infighting, sticking to their tiny section of the universe? They can be messy and unpredictable, but also fiercely determined and obsessive.

Traits: Economist and Expansionist


Drox Operative - Drakk EscortDrox Operative - Drakk LogoDanger Level: Very High

The aggressive, flying dragon-men are fierce opponents planet side and in space. Perfecting war to an art Drox Operative - Drakk Portraithelped quell rebellious in-fighting. The peace promoted a long-term stability for a species with such a slow reproductive cycle. This secure warrior tradition makes their race very dangerous to outsiders. Some believe a rogue Operative influenced the Drakk culture in ancient times.

Traits: Natural Flyers and Aggressive


Drox Operative - Dryad EscortDrox Operative - Dryad LogoDanger Level: Moderate

The mobile plant-based Dryad civilization expand organically with dormant seasons often followed by bursts Drox Operative - Dryad Portraitof activity. Don’t be fooled by the Dryad's pleasant and trusting natures- they’re fierce defenders of their territories, and organic life in general. While vastly superior to most others in terraforming technology and natural medicine, they’re appallingly inept at mechanical devices. Unabated pollution horrifies them. It is against one of their cultural mores, and they try to avoid dealing with civilizations with this obscenity.

Traits: Trustworthy and Regeneration


Drox Operative - Hive CorvetteDrox Operative - Hive LogoDanger Level: Moderate

The insectoid hive civilization includes many species evolving together into a communal caste system. While Drox Operative - Hive Portraitart, economy and technology aren’t their strong suits, utilizing different breeds for workers, warriors and rulers definitely has its advantages. Few civilizations can compete with the hive’s efficiency at production and harvesting.

Traits: Productive and No Imagination


Drox Operative - Utopian CorvetteDrox Operative - Utopian LogoDanger Level: Moderate

From the wheel to the cog to the self-aware artificial intelligence, the string of invention led to a race of robots Drox Operative - Utopian Portraitfree from biological oppression. Logic is their god, but a shared memory stream has led to suspicious and unforgiving natures. For industrious utopians, new life is as simple as hardware replacement. Death is only relatable through annihilation. Anything less is negligible. The utopian are relentless and brutal killers. As fast producers, they optimize and use newly acquired resources while implementing redundant defenses. Expansion is less important than protecting the information network and newly gained materials (which could be anything- rock, wood… or even organic matter of a more sophisticated structure).

Traits: Industrial and Ruthless


Drox Operative - Lithosoid DestroyerDrox Operative - Lithosoid LogoDanger Level: Moderate

Hardy lithosoid find sustenance in almost anything, and their regenerative abilities give them a colonizing Drox Operative - Lithosoid Portraitadvantage, especially on hazardous planets. Both characteristics make them very hard to kill. Luckily, these rock-men are not known for intelligence. Their evolution didn’t require it. Lithosoid destroy like a force of nature, taking what others don’t want before overwhelming them by sheer numbers. They’re avid explorers and fill a gluttonous procreative compulsion through rapid growth and expansion.

Traits: Hardy and Expansionist


Drox Operative - Fringe CruiserDrox Operative - Fringe LogoDanger Level: High

Unlike most life forms, the fringe are made entirely of energy. With their unique applications of science, Drox Operative - Fringe Portraitthey’ve developed astounding engine, shield and beam technology. Even with such impressive advances, don’t be surprised by the fringe’s chaotic personality and culture. They are not strangers of anger. Diplomacy is not easily achieved.

Traits: Chaotic and Aggressive


Drox Operative - Brunt CorvetteDrox Operative - Brunt LogoDanger Level: Moderate

Brunt are as impressive as their size- huge. You’ll always find them carting large personal weaponry. While Drox Operative - Brunt Portraitrelying on firepower and aggressive tactics, they happily sacrifice speed and cunning. Intimidation and posturing often give the brunt an advantage when dealing with other races, and it precedes their true joy of mindlessly pummeling enemies to death. They are warriors of blood, fire, and brutality.

Traits: Aggressive and Demanding


Drox Operative - Cortex EscortDrox Operative - Cortex LogoDanger Level: Low

While physically weak, the small, quiet, calm cortex make up for their diminutive size with an uncanny Drox Operative - Cortex Portraitintelligence. They are exceptional researchers  and scientists. While clever with defense, cortex are not quick to invade  neighbors. It is a mistake to consider them benign, for when it comes to  betrayal, nothing will stay their hand from justice. Stubborn is an apt  description. They’ll fiercely pursue a grudge, so care should be given to  maintain a decent reputation among their kind.

Traits: Brilliant and Ruthless



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