There are over 20 different, playable characters in Kivi's Underworld.  We are going to slowly reveal some of them here. 

SPOILER ALERT: you only know about Kivi the Warrior at the beginning of the game, so reading about any of the characters below might be minor spoilers.


Diador – Female Gladiator

Kivi's Underworld - GladiatorGladiators were rare in the lumen realm where magic permeates day to day living.  They were something special, entertainment stars with real physical skill.  Diador loved the stage and the competition, dressing her part in a spider inspired costume and playing to the crowd.  Though brazen and fearless in tournaments she still had one humiliating secret, the shakes.  She trembled in fear anytime she ventured to the edges of lumen territory.  For this very reason, she had to do it, to overcome this silly phobia.  How else could she claim the Grand Title without feeling unworthy?  She was the best fighter in Avond Nuit, and when she conquered her fear, she’d be the best anywhere.

Arms: Sword and Shield
Skills: Block and Kill Bonus
Attributes: More health


Xtara – Female Merchant

Kivi's Underworld - MerchantWhat's worse than coming from a merchant family?  Deciding to become a merchant too!  It's hard to get out of the family's shadow, but Xtara had a plan.  She'd go where her family wouldn't, and there she'd make her fortune.  There was just one little draw back.  It was dangerous.  But where's the profit without risk?

Arms: Staff
Skills: Swipe and Money Bonus
Attributes: Better defense


Vara – Female Runemaster

Kivi's Underworld - RunemasterVara found the deep power within runes the hard way, by accidentally killing her closest friend.  She fled their shared sublevel research library and drifted on the fringe, dreaming of redemption.  If only she could find a worthy task, it would be a sign she'd been forgiven.

Arms: Mace
Skills: Spontaneous Combustion and Damage Shield
Attributes: Normal


Zlod – Male Thief

Kivi's Underworld - ThiefThere’s good, there’s bad, and then there’s Zlod.  He’s somewhere in the gray.  Once a promising meditation student, he abandoned the craft for something more practical and eventually more exciting.  He knows everyone and can get you anything for a price, unless luck has left his side.  The bounty on his head is quite high in some circles.  Maybe that’s why he’s often in the outlands, in the places where sane lumen dare not go.

Arms: Dagger
Skills: Smoke Screen and Avoid Traps
Attributes: Normal


Risto – Male Paladin

Kivi's Underworld - PaladinRisto joined the paladins as a compromise to ease his parents’ minds.  He was always a carefree, energetic soul, not even having the common sense to fear the outlands.  Despite his loose affiliation with the God Brujar, Risto found himself pulled toward great enemies no one acknowledged.  Just because everyone said the traveler, Kivi, was crazier than sun walkers, didn’t make it so.  In his heart, Risto knew Kivi spoke the truth.

Arms: 2 Handed Sword
Skills: Smite and Regen
Attributes: Strong (more damage)


Patik – Male Apothecary

Kivi's Underworld - ApothecaryThe mysterious allure of potion making has always appealed to Patik.  He left popular studies early in school, devoting his time to perfecting potion recipes. The hard work paid off.  Those same peers who thought him odd now scrabbled for his favor and the chance to get their hands on the best potions in Avond Nuit, the lumen capital.  The price of success had its costs, and Patik’s was the need to venture into untamed lands for supplies.

Arms: Mace
Skills: Potion Throw and Potion Bonus
Attributes: Weak (less physical damage)


Batalo – Male Battle Mage

Kivi's Underworld - Battle MageThere’s only so much to be learned in the carefully staged magic tournaments, and Batalo wanted more.  After joining a hunting party to oust a ragnar infestation along the western border, he knew where to get better training - in the wilds.

Arms: Sword
Skills: Firebolt and Battle Tough
Attributes: Normal


Hullu – Male Berserker

Kivi's Underworld - BerserkerWhat is more obtrusive than a person with aggressive physical fighting abilities?  A nonstop talker!  Hullu kept his eyes open, looking for a new position that wouldn’t earn him so much scolding rejection.  But where could someone like him fit in?

Arms: 2 Handed Axe
Skills: Berserk and Blood Lust
Attributes: Normal


Snig – Male Assassin

Kivi's Underworld - AssassinSnig’s prey fled to the outland, and Snig hesitated.  They said only the insane dare venture beyond lumen protection, but he had a reputation to uphold.  Priding himself on being the best, he followed and dispatched his target, except somehow he’d gotten lost and crazy things started happening.  Weird monsters chased him.  He kept to the shadows waiting for his moment to escape.  But if someone didn’t stop this new threat, how long would there be a home to return to?

Arms: 2 Daggers
Skills: Burst of Speed and Deadly Aim
Attributes: Normal


Asmen – Male Blademaster

Kivi's Underworld - BlademasterA blademaster of renown, Asmen shirked his duties to search for his runaway little sister, Larite.  Damn that Kivi, spreading his insanity to innocent youths!  Asmen was determined to bring his sister home, dragging her the entire distance if necessary.  And if he found Kivi along the way, all the better.  Asmen longed to cleanse the land of that particular madness.  Imagine his surprise when he found out Kivi wasn’t as cracked in the head as everyone believed.

Arms: Dual Swords
Skills: Whirlwind and Blurred Blades
Attributes: Normal


Tezza – Female Ninja

Kivi's Underworld - NinjaRaised and trained as a personal bodyguard for the elite, Tezza enjoyed her position until a partnered apprentice set her up for killing their charge.  Tezza was on the run and doubted anyone could catch her.  She wondered what to do with her life now that her chosen path was denied, until the day she proved her innocence.

Arms: Ninja Sword
Skills: Shuriken and Shadow Walk
Attributes: Normal


Csata – Female Warlock

Kivi's Underworld - WarlockCsata took refuge in being different.  When others wore light colored clothing, she wore dark.  She circled her eyes in black liner and smiled inwardly when strangers gasped at her appearance.  It was better than being ignored.  No matter how odd she became, her parents didn’t notice or even care.  With boiling hot anger leading to deadly thoughts, she knew it was time to leave before she zapped her horrible parents with her innate lightning magic.  Csata searched for somewhere she could belong.  Maybe other outsiders would understand her.

Arms: Staff
Skills: Lightning Blast and Power Steal
Attributes: Normal


Jelse – Female Enchanter

Kivi's Underworld - EnchanterJelse didn't plan on becoming an enchanter.  Existence beyond death happened more regularly than most realized.  Her passion with ghost hunting led to successful encounters.  Life wouldn't forget her so easily however; she still needed money to make her way in the world.  Luckily, wraith after-matter enchantment turns a good coin.

Arms: Sword
Skills: Powerup Enchantment and Weakness Aura
Attributes: Normal


Fris – Male Ice Mage

Kivi's Underworld - Ice MageTravelers were always considered crazy, but in the Ice Master Fris’ case it was true.  More than just the voices in his head, his unpredictable moods made him an outcast long before he fled the cities.  His one relief from the internal madness was the magic.

Arms: Wand
Skills: Ice Shard and Defensive Ice Nova
Attributes: Normal


Kivi – Male Warrior

Kivi's Underworld - WarriorEven though adventure was frowned upon by lumen society, Kivi hoped to turn it to his advantage making his reputation in the wilds.  When he stumbled upon a dangerous and forgotten enemy, his plans changed.  Now he must protect his people from the harm they don’t acknowledge.

Arms: Sword
Skills: Power Strike and Stunning Blows
Attributes: Normal


Larite – Female Scout

Kivi's Underworld - Scout Larite was happily immersed in bat rescue before Kivi left on a crazy adventure to search for mythical giant lifestones.  She was shocked and horrified he’d dare to leave lumen territory, but when he returned home nearly dead and babbling about an unknown threat, something stirred within her.  The second time he left she wasn’t surprised.  Even if the monster killers weren’t real, the safest action was finding the truth by doing the wildest thing possible, following Kivi into the unknown.

Arms: Dagger
Skills: Stealth and Fleet of Foot
Attributes: Normal



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