Mod rules

We encourage anyone that wants to make mods for Kivi's Underworld to go right ahead.  If your mod is good enough, we will even link over to it from this page.  We just have a few simple ground rules:

  • The mod cannot contain any of the material from the game or demo (this means no material from the game or demo can be distributed with the mod)
  • Cannot claim to be official content
  • Cannot be sold or used for any other commercial purpose
  • Cannot be specifically made to work with the demo or a pirated copy of the game
  • Link back to our website (
  • Soldak Entertainment, Inc. still owns all rights to Kivi's Underworld properties
  • We reserve the right to take back these rights at any time if we feel that you are abusing our properties


The Kivi's Underworld SDK is now available.  The purpose of the SDK is to make mods for Kivi's Underworld easier to create.  This SDK contains a bunch of documentation, 4 example mods, and a few tools.  The tools only work in Windows though. 

The example mods are an adventure, a playable class, a monster, and a powerup.  None of them are anything fancy, but they should help people get started.

Kivi SDK

French Mod

Desc: Translates the game into French.

Download: French Mod (110KB)
Created by: forum member all_zebest
Version: 1.3

Spanish mod

Desc: Translates the game into Spanish.

Download: Spanish Mod (85KB)
Created by: Clandlan
Version: 1 (ready for Kivi version 1.003)

German mod

Desc: Translates the game into German.

Download: German Mod (83KB)
Created by: forum member Detlev
Version: 2 (updated for Kivi version 1.002)



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