There are many dangerous and cunning monsters in Kivi's Underworld.  Since Kivi's Underworld is based in the same background world as Depths of Peril, you will see that some of the monsters overlap.



Kivi's Underworld - Scavenger     The four-legged scavenger consumes meat, fresh or rotten, it cares not. Scavengers undergo metamorphosis with every large meal, becoming stronger, larger and more dangerous than ever. Legend whispers of an age where large packs of these monsters destroyed entire townships of dwarves.

Orc Warrior

Kivi's Underworld - Orc     When a necromancer tried to raise elves that weren’t quiet dead using a powerful and tricky ring, the magic was perverted. Instead of elven zombies, the necromancer ended up with orcs. They ripped the necromancer to pieces before drifting east to the mountains.
 Orcs have violent and unpredictable temperaments, and their success in war usually relies on overwhelming the enemy. They are generally too disorganized to cause trouble outside of their usual territories.

Orc Shaman

Kivi's Underworld - Orc Shaman     Orc Shaman lead orc bands on raiding parties, dominating enemies by weakening and poisoning them through ranged magic, all the while remaining comfortable behind knife wielding, zealous fellows. Alone, the Orc Shaman doesn’t pose a deadly threat but with their devilish bands, they are danger incarnate.

Chaos Lord

Kivi's Underworld - Chaos Lord     From the hot, volatile core of the world, chaos vents through evil things from another realm, like demons. The Chaos Lord is the largest, most hated and vastly feared demon to rise from places unknown and stalk the underworlds. It is bold and aggressive, never hesitating to attack, using its physicality as a weapon, stunning earthquakes resound with one stomp of its foot. 


Kivi's Underworld - Zombie     The magic used to create an undead corpse also traps the impotent soul inside the body. Kept zombies are controlled by necromancers. If the necromancer dies, the soul is usually released but the animated body remains as a faster wild zombie, using claws and teeth as weapons and with an unsatiable hunger for living flesh.
     On occasion, the soul enjoys the vile acts the body is forced to commit, and purposely clings to the body when the magical bond breaks with the necromancer’s death. The soul gains complete control of the body, transforming it into a lich, though most liches are created by a long process of rituals and magic a necromancer chooses to undergo for the reward of immortality.


Kivi's Underworld - Skeleton     Zombies without flesh are skeletons, either raised after losing their flesh or their flesh has completely rotted off their bones. The magic of necromancy protects the skeleton from decay, although time and weather still have an effect. Like most undead, skeletons loathe the living.


Kivi's Underworld - Ragnar     A distant cousin to the giant wolf, Ragnar were once desired pets of the dark elves. Now they roam the underworld free to sate their violent yearnings. Taller than a lumen, these monstrous canines fear nothing, earning their dark elf name of dragon dog.


Kivi's Underworld - Lich     Liches are uncommon because the ways to become a lich are very unpleasant. The most common type of lich are necromancers who've transformed themselves through necromancy into undead wizards. They are very powerful and hard to kill.
     Unlike the first group, this second kind of lich does not choose to become the living dead. They were zombies who have lost their master, but their trapped soul chooses to remain behind. This type of lich starts out weak, but gains a different kind of innate magic from the strands of necromancy remaining in the flesh.

Dark Elf Assassin

Kivi's Underworld - Dark Elf Assassin     Blink once, and you’ll miss the small, sneaky Dark Elf Assassin. They move fast, strike fast, and kill before they’ve been noticed. They work alone or in groups; it matters not if the pay is good enough. Killing is their sport and reputation, for either business or pleasure. For most people, their first encounter with a Dark Elf Assassin is their last encounter with the living world.


Kivi's Underworld - Wampir     Of all the underworld bats, the giant Wampir is the deadliest. This territorial beast eats rodents, birds and other bats, but it isn’t against killing larger beings who venture into its domain. While normally solitary, Wampir occasionally are encountered in pairs, when they tolerate each other's presence for the purpose of mating.


Kivi's Underworld - Fire Elemental     The Goddess Erillin gave her most devoted worshipers the knowledge to create fire, ice, and lightning elementals. Creating these angry monsters requires elemental energy and a sacrificial life. However, if the caster isn’t strong enough to control the elemental, it will destroy him.


Kivi's Underworld - Fury     Most creatures die before coming close to molten lava, but not the Fury. They were born from it. These four-armed, red giants have pushed deeper into the underworld, perhaps from war or overpopulation. It is unknown. They are a danger to dark elf and lumen alike.

Fire Thrower

Kivi's Underworld - Fire Thrower     Not even the dark elves know the origins of the Fire Throwers. These rat-faced men were not one of the dark elves experiments gone awry. Some is known of these creatures, though. They love fire, especially the exploding thrown variety.

Dark Elf Warrior

Kivi's Underworld - Dark Elf Warrior     In a forgotten time the elves were one diverse, surface dwelling race. A question of the heir to the throne divided the empire in two. After unprecedented betrayal and a murder that shook the foundation of elven society at its core, those involved and their supporters were banished from the surface of Aleria. Chased by elementals, this group found a loophole in what was meant to be a death sentence. They fled underground and sealed themselves off from the world above.
     Generations passed down bitter hatred for the other elves, but they forgot who did the dispelling. They began to believe they sent the others away. They became dark elves, adapting to the darkness around them. The Goddess Valta found them and nurtured their anger, feeding on their violence and hatred.
     Dark elves have no limits of morality. Twisting magic, they attempted to create legions of monsters to hunt down the others, the banished elves. When prospectors dug into dark elf territory looking for large lifestones, the dark elves discovered a new world they had forgotten, ripe for the taking.


Kivi's Underworld - Shadow     Slipping through volatile turmoil at the center of the world, tiny demons infested the underworld. Almost imperceptible, these Shadows are a hidden hazard in the darkest of the dark places. The unseen kills before the danger is ever known.


Kivi's Underworld - Hulk     A big, tusked, armor-plated beast, the hulk evolved underground. Hulks are vicious and will kill and eat anything. Underground races fear them, even the dark elves. They’re solitary creatures except when breeding, preferring a large territory in which to hunt.


Kivi's Underworld - Scree     Chaos rips through the core of the world, a deadly doorway to dimensions beyond. The Scree slipped through into the underworld, cowardly mini-demons ready to mob their enemies when the numbers were on their side.



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