Here are all of the changes in the various patches.


  • fixed last award not unlocking correctly
  • now Reward and Score are localized
  • fixed Enchanter skills description
  • fixed a monster out of bounds in adventure 4
  • updated copyright
  • fixed Lightning Blast description typo
  • fixed quest in Fireball Hall (not enough monsters)
  • now Door is localized
  • now Second/Seconds are localized
  • now Health is localized
  • now open is localized
  • now left click to increase on buy skills screen is localized
  • removed some old text from world map
  • added OS X 10.3.9 OpenAL installer requirement to requirements & troubleshooting sections of manual
  • fixed destroying some objects counting as kills (barrels, totems, altarts, gates, etc.)
  • now when you change languages it flushes out all txt files so they will load correct language
  • now adventure given status effects (like offense bonus) work across a save/exit/resume
  • fixed mouse on 2nd monitor in dual monitor setup 



  • fixed a mod not being able to put quest text in directly
  • fixed traps killing a monster and player not getting credit
  • fixed not reloading some language specific stuff when changing language on the fly
  • now if set loc_language incorrectly it will automatically go back to English
  • fixed getSupportedLanguages having trailing / when files are in zip files
  • fixed scrollbar on drop down box not working correctly
  • made cheat_lock public
  • fixed a couple plural spellings of some items
  • added showHotKey to widgets
  • now powerup slots show you the 1,2,3 hotkeys
  • can no longer walk through door at end of Devil's Keyhole
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