First Kivi screenshots

Here's the first screenshots that we have released for our upcoming game Kivi's Underworld.

This shot shows the ninja character in Bloody Fingers. It's right at the beginning of the adventure so there isn't much going on yet, but you can see a poison trap.  Pic details - 1024x768, 146KB.

Kivi's Underworld - Bloody Fingers








This shot shows the warrior (Kivi) in Barren Vault. There are a bunch of dark elf warriors, two ground fire traps, and if you look really closely there is a dark elf assassin towards the bottom left.  Pic details - 1024x768, 165KB.

Kivi's Underworld - Barren Vault








This shot shows Kivi the Warrior in Arcane Rift with some skeletons and skeleton bowmen.  Pic details - 1024x768, 140KB.

Kivi's Underworld - Arcane Rift




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