Kivi's Underworld shares the same universe with our other game, Depths of Peril.  Depths of Peril contains over 40 short stories so there is a ton of background story if you are into that kind of thing.

There is one short story that is directly relavent to Kivi's Underworld though.  The story named Depths of Peril is the story about Kivi's disasterous mining expendition that occurs right before Kivi's Underworld starts.

You can read almost all of the stories on the Depths of Peril story page.  Of course, you can also download the Depths of Peril demo or buy Depths of Peril.

Kivi's Underworld - Defiance     Kivi awoke at home and alive, but was considered mentally deluded since he willingly left the safety of the vast lumen territory.  He’d been found unconscious in the rubble, in a large chamber that should have been a plugged tunnel.  He’d failed, and now not only were his friends dead but a forgotten evil was loose.  No one believed his story about the dark elves.
     Brooding and holed away in a library, Kivi paced between massive, dusty shelves mindlessly reading book titles when one in particular caught his eye.  Its plain spine held no words. He pulled it from the shelf and flipped through the yellowing pages, finding notes on a city called Defiance, designed for offensive protection and built in ancient times as a precaution against invasion.  These days lumen were complacent, living in safe times or so they still believed.  Kivi knew the truth. He'd seen the dark elves freed, a great accident leaving him the only survivor, the only witness.
     He searched his grandfather’s detailed map looking for reference points of Defiance’s location.  If the lumen weren’t going to prepare for the coming war, Kivi would have to protect them himself, hold off the enemy until his people realized the danger.  This lost and abandoned city might be the key to delaying the coming flood, if only he could find it before it was too late!


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