Changeling, kodiak, and totem

We posted 3 new monster profiles today: the deadly changelings, the fierce kodiaks, and the totems.  Head over to our Depths of Peril monster page to take a look.


Beta patch 1.004 available

Beta patch 1.004 is now available over on the Depths of Peril patch page and you can see all of the changes here.


Blog updates 2

Lots more blog updates this week. Blog updates for Steven: What do you want to see in my blog?, Interesting sales stats, Not played Depths of Peril yet?, and Game pitch rejections.  Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: Update on my NaNo Progress, Part One, Dragonlance, the Movie, My Name's Delilah, and I'm an Organizaholic, How Can You Make It as a Writer When Most Don't?, Redundant Fun, NaNo Update Part Two Plus, 41.1% Finished.  Read them here.


PC Gameplay magazine review

We have our first review in a magazine, that I know of, in PC Gameplay.  No links for a change because it's a magazine and it's in Dutch. :)  They give Depths of Peril a 82/100 score, which according to them translates to: "An excellent game, definitely worth having in your collection."


RPG Watch review

Depths of Peril has another good review over on RPG Watch that gives the game 4/5 stars.  Some quotes:

excellent background lore ... All this adds up to a wealth of decisions and different tactical approaches for the player. ... Depths of Peril is addictive, frantic, challenging - and unique. I thoroughly enjoyed it and couldn't resist seeing just one more area, finishing one more raid, searching for that last piece of armour to finish the set.


New monsters

We posted two new monsters profiles on the monster page today, the very insidious Dimensional Gates and the deadly Horrors.


Blog updates

There have been a lot of blog updates this week.  Blog updates for Steven: Car Commercial, Independent Games Festival, Indie reviews, Fan fiction, and Contracts.  Read them here.

Blog updates for Delilah: Thanks-Giving, Thin Air Review, When is It my Turn?, Halloween Treat, Happy November and the Beginning of Nano, and Lilith's Brood Review.  Read them here.


Wrap report at RPG Vault

We now have a wrap report up on RPG Vault.  It uses their usual format which includes the project, the team, high-level goals, technology, timeline, changes and enhancements, major challenges, best decisions, key strengths, areas for improvement, lessons learned, audience response, and personal thoughts. Yes, it covers a lot of ground.


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