Generation: Gamerz interview part 3

Part 3 (the last part) of our interview with Generation: Gamerz is now posted here.


Generation: Gamerz interview part 2

Part 2 of our interview with Generation: Gamerz is now posted here.


Generation: Gamerz interview part 1

Part 1 of a new interview has been posted over on Generation: Gamerz.  Part 1 of 3 has the first 4 questions which are all kind of amusing.  Stuff about ritual sacrifices, big guys with axes, spelunking, and some actual real answers here and there.


GamingXP review

We have our first review in German over on GamingXP.  They give us a fairly good 82%.  I would give a quote, but it's in German and bablefish translation doesn't make it much better.


Jolt review

We have a new review over on Jolt.  Here's a quote:

The fun and rewarding action-oriented gameplay will certainly be what makes you sit down and play for a while, but it’s this constantly changing, replayable game of strategy that gives you a reason to come back.


Game Tunnel mini-review

There is a Depths of Peril mini-review in Game Tunnel's September roundup.  It's the 5th one down.  They give the game a score of "call in sick", which is the highest score.


Beta Mod SDK available

There is now a beta mod SDK available over on our mod page.  It is only beta because the documentation is still a little rough and it probably doesn't contain all of the tools that will be necessary for mods.


Patch 1.002 available

The official 1.002 patch is now available on our patch page.  The change list for the patch is also on this page.


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