New monsters
We have posted pictures and profiles of two new monsters in our monster section.  Today's new monsters are the saurian and the naga.
New monsters
We have posted 3 new monsters today over in the monsters section.  The new ones are the Giant Spider, the Sentinel, and the Dark Elves.
New story - Tribute
TributeWe have a new story up today called Tribute.  As is true many times in dark fantasy, not everything is as it seems.
Game Banshee preview
We have a new preview over on Game Banshee, you can read it here.
New story - Necromancer
NecromancerWe have a new zombie and necromancer story posted here.  Find out what happens when the mighty Clavros attacks a town with his army of undead.
New monsters
We have posted 2 new monsters, torva and hellhounds, in the monster section.
New story - Fire Scrape
Fire ScrapeWe have a new story called Fire Scrape that you can read here.  Find out what Brenna, Sven, Tover, and Damek run into in the Low Desert.
New villain - Turen
We have a new villain, Turen, posted in the Villains section.  Turen is a very rare zombie that still retains a lot of control even though he is a zombie.
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