Even though the Zombasite (zombie parasites) is out of control, the land of Aleria is still swarming with all sorts of dangerous monsters. There are a ton of different monsters in Zombasite with a large variety of abilities.

For those of you that have played our previous games, you will recognize some of the monsters.

NOTE: There are plenty of spoilers below, so don't read any further if that is going to bother you.

Dark Orc Shaman (Orc Schism only)

Zombasite - Dark Orc Shaman     With slight elven influence, Dark Orcs are more aggressive, savage, and stronger than ever before. Dark Orc Shaman are similar to their old Orc Shaman counterparts. They lead orc raiding parties, dominating enemies by weakening and poisoning them through ranged magic, all the while remaining comfortable behind Dark Orc Scouts and Berserkers. Alone, the Dark Orc Shaman doesn’t pose a deadly threat but with their devilish bands, they are danger incarnate.

Special Abilities: Weakness, Poison Bolt, and Elemental Resistance

Variants: Blood Clan Orc Shaman, Havoc Clan Orc Shaman, Gore Clan Orc Shaman, Carnage Clan Orc Shaman, and Savage Clan Orc Shaman (shown)

Dark Orc Warlock (Orc Schism only)

Zombasite - Dark Orc Warlock     With even less elven influence, Dark Orcs are more aggressive, savage, and stronger than any of their old kin. While the Shaman are content hiding behind other Dark Orcs and casting minor weakening and poison spells, Dark Orc Warlocks use potent curses and summon powerful demons to do their dirty work. With just one Warlock you can end up facing an army.

Special Abilities: Shadow Bolt, several curses, and Summon Demon

Variants: Blood Clan Orc Warlock, Havoc Clan Orc Warlock, Gore Clan Orc Warlock (shown), Carnage Clan Orc Warlock, and Savage Clan Orc Warlock

Dark Orc Berserker (Orc Schism only)

Zombasite - Dark Orc Berserker     With even less elven influence, Dark Orcs are more aggressive, savage, and stronger than ever. Dark Orc Beserkers are fearless and ruthless warriors. When riled up they go into a frenzy and tend to only stop once the enemy is well past dead.

Special Abilities: Taunt, Whirlwind, and Frenzy

Variants: Blood Clan Orc Berserker, Havoc Clan Orc Berserker (shown), Gore Clan Orc Berserker, Carnage Clan Orc Berserker, and Savage Clan Orc Berserker

Dark Orc Scout (Orc Schism only)

Zombasite - Dark Orc Scout     With even less elven influence, Dark Orcs are more aggressive, savage, and stronger than ever. Dark Orc Scouts hunt down their victims and call in reinforcements to overwhelm their enemies.

Special Abilities: Caltrops and Ambush

Variants: Blood Clan Orc Scout (shown), Havoc Clan Orc Scout, Gore Clan Orc Scout, Carnage Clan Orc Scout, and Savage Clan Orc Scout

Creeping Brood

Zombasite - Creeping Brood     These passive, invisible monsters rarely move, unless someone comes near. When approached all of the nearby Brood monsters gather for a massive and immediate ambush.

Special Abilities: Invisibility, Ambush, and Stamina Burn

Variants: Creeping Brood (shown), Lurking Brood, Stalking Brood, Trapping Brood, and Ambushing Brood

Zombie Creeping Brood

Zombasite - Zombie Creeping Brood     Zombie Brood are still very capable ambushers, have a new poison cloud attack, and are one of the most infectious zombies that exists.

Special Abilities: Invisibility, Ambush, Stamina Burn, and Poison Cloud

Variants: Zombie Creeping Brood (shown), Zombie Lurking Brood, Zombie Stalking Brood, Zombie Trapping Brood, and Zombie Ambushing Brood


Zombasite - Naga     The god Din punished a tribe of wicked humans by striking the ground where they lived, creating a desert. The tribe’s lake turned to acid, and the humans became snake-men. They forgot they were ever human, but never forgot the ruin Din wreaked on their homeland. They formed a bond with the goddess Erillin which allowed a new profession, priests with healing and poisoning abilities.

Special Abilities: Poison Resistance

Variants: Adder Naga, Viper Naga, Asp Naga, Mamba Naga (shown), and Cobra Naga

Zombie Naga

Zombasite - Zombie Naga     Nagas have always been fond of acid ever since the god Din turned their lake into acid. Now Zombie Nagas leave a trail of acid as they slither around.

Special Abilities: Poison Resistance and Acid Trail

Variants: Zombie Adder Naga (shown), Zombie Viper Naga, Zombie Asp Naga, Zombie Mamba Naga, and Zombie Cobra Naga

Frenzy Targ

Zombasite - Targ     This armor-plated reptile is named after its behavior when it's scared. It will go into a frenzy that makes it more powerful and dangerous while frightening nearby monsters, even its own kind. A pack of these monsters is especially deadly because they'll scare each other until they're all in a crazed frenzy.

Special Abilities: Frenzy and Fear

Variants: Ferocious Targ (shown), Fury Targ, Berserk Targ, Frenzy Targ, and Insane Targ

Zombie Frenzy Targ

Zombasite - Zombie Targ     Zombie Targs are even more volatile. The Zombasite pushes their fear even further and thus they go into their frenzy mode much more easily.

Special Abilities: Frenzy and Fear

Variants: Zombie Ferocious Targ (shown), Zombie Fury Targ, Zombie Berserk Targ, Zombie Frenzy Targ, and Zombie Insane Targ


Zombasite - Hulk     A big, tusked, armor-plated beast, the hulk evolved underground. Hulks are vicious and will kill and eat anything. Underground races fear them, even the dark elves. They’re solitary creatures except when breeding, preferring a large territory in which to hunt.

Special Abilities: Stunning Hit

Variants: Hulk (shown), Mammoth, Gargantuan, Behemoth, and Colossus

Zombie Hulk

Zombasite - Zombie Hulk     Zombie Hulks are just as big and nasty as ever. Despite their size, they have learned how to hide well by lying in depressions and hollows, camouflaged amongst ground debris. The Zombasite and decomposing body both create a large mixture of gases compressed amongst rotting organs, dried life fluids, and decaying tissue. The volatile vapors are explosively released upon death.

Special Abilities: Hide and Death Explosion

Variants: Zombie Hulk (shown), Zombie Mammoth, Zombie Gargantuan, Zombie Behemoth, and Zombie Colossus



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