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  1. Beta ETA?
  2. New expansion and Desura
  3. What's new ?
  4. Movecontroll bug?
  5. First play of IotA
  6. Save compatibility
  7. Cant launch game
  8. [Balance] The ancient races
  9. little question about boardingmechanik
  10. How do galaxies work?
  11. [Bug] Energy-per-shot not displayed
  12. [Balance] A problem, and I suggestion to fix it.
  13. [Cosmetics] Strange item (Sensor Overload)
  14. [Spoilers] Ressurecting a race...
  15. Download size
  16. [Balance] New modifiers get applied to components that can't benefit
  17. Bosun Tuidjy's most excellent advice.
  18. A few things that don't feel quite right with the
  19. More space please
  20. Patches
  21. Scarcity of power plants
  22. Are we sure the stealth cloaks are working?
  23. [Bug] Galactic karma: zombie invasion
  24. Maybe a bug in "donation"?
  25. [Bug] Chip socket doesn't get filled
  26. [Typo] Missing keys for IotA difficulty options
  27. [Bug] Scavenger Derelict using wrong model
  28. A thread for showing off your cool ships.
  29. [Typo] Ascarid description
  30. [Suggestion] Helping race ships and planets.
  31. [Bug] The Drakk race is now EXTINCT in this galaxy
  32. French Translation / Traduction franšaise [EN/FR]
  33. [Cosmetics] Greeting messages when discovering races
  34. [Bug] Multiple rewards for starting a war between races
  35. [Typo] Peacekeeper description
  36. Suggestion: Dedicated Crew Slots
  37. [Balance] Marines (boarders) don't seem to scale
  38. [Balance] Race planets never regain health
  39. Bug? Resurrecting a Race
  40. [Bug] Hostilities out of nowhere.
  41. [Bug?] Marines 'stuck' attempting to board
  42. [Bugs] Two problems with race resurrect quest
  43. Race balance
  44. [Bug] Emergency nanite repairs don't fix race ship's structure
  45. [Balance] Races reactions to the player solving a quest
  46. Three minor bugs
  47. Marine usage: no xp when you take down a ship?
  48. [Balance] A couple of questions for Shadow
  49. [Bug] Sometimes, all planet restricted scavenged items are common.
  50. state of the expansion?
  51. How do marines work?
  52. Used Galaxies
  53. [Bug] Station quests
  54. Someone forgot something... :P
  55. [Balance] Chips are great idea, but are hardly worth using as they are
  56. Swarm Missiles... worth it?
  57. [Balance] What is the defense of Legion's race ship's?
  58. Idea: diverting gift quests
  59. Idea: disguise
  60. Patch 1.021 - Drox Guild Involvement Comments
  61. Idea: Marking ships
  62. A Few Issues
  63. Ideas: Item Converter & Other Drox
  64. Drox Guild quests create a sector from "Hell"
  65. [Bug?] Shield/Armor health bars on Missile Bases
  66. [Balance] Chips are great idea, but are much too powerful as they are
  67. Legendary Victories - too easy?
  68. some suggestions for marine and dryad
  69. questions about subraces
  70. Disruptor, Cesto, and Peacekeeper
  71. [Bugs/Balance] Things are on the wrong side of level 100.
  72. [Typo] The description of the Reaper subrace.
  73. [Bug] Scavengers/Reapers/Infection entries in the shipyard
  74. DOOM Missile...
  75. How do Marines work?
  76. Hardcore in the late game
  77. [Bug] Entry for the "Destroy Fighter Base" quest.
  78. Talk to me about basic weapon types.
  79. What are Galactic Karma events?
  80. The ancient Zarlok are beastly
  81. [Esthetics] Beacon on Medium Scavenger Titan
  82. Thunder, Nemato, and Doom
  83. Drox Operative: Invasion of the Ancients released
  84. Invasion of the Ancients crashes on startup on Mac: SubDatabase classes.gdb
  85. Invasion now or later?
  86. Failed to protect?
  87. No option to ally?
  88. "Invasion" frustration
  89. race diplomacy
  90. Desura and GOG options
  91. Questions about specialist crew
  92. How to stop monsters from destroying races?
  93. DPS weirdness
  94. "Need an enemy" text in center
  95. Easiest way to "Unlock" Subraces?
  96. Trouble getting started -- advice needed
  97. Auto fire?
  98. bought the expansion but got no registration key
  99. Drox Operative: Invasion of the Ancients demo
  100. IotA 1.033 demo
  101. Multiple race instances
  102. [Bug] Can't solve "Destory Planet's Station" quest
  103. Green drops?
  104. Has the cost of slotting an item been increased?
  105. Subraces and race-specific items
  106. Crew bug
  107. Suggestion: Paradon Levels
  108. BUG: Right Click not always work
  109. Trading/Storing Crew
  110. Lost/deleted email need link resent to new email address
  111. Some screenies of Multiplayer game
  112. Noob questions - help please
  113. Where should I take this ship next?
  114. Sector Setup
  115. "Can't play as monster race"
  116. changed monitor
  117. What the heck happened? I think my game broke...(Help...)
  118. I want to enjoy this game, but an insane learning curve + lack of info really hurts
  119. Crew Skills and Leveling
  120. Invasion of the Ancient install issue with STEAM
  121. AI economy,bases and colonisation
  122. Do Marines Level up like regular crew?
  123. List of all playable monsters/subraces and stats bonuses?
  124. Items remain equipped and usable even after stat requirements are no longer met.
  125. Minion statistics?
  126. Enhancing an item
  127. Clearing mines?
  128. Ancients and non-Ancients Drox Multiplayer
  129. New to the game - should I play the base game first?
  130. Drox Operative: Invasion of the Ancients on Steam now.
  131. Invasion of the Ancients on Steam
  132. Other shop versions
  133. Three Questions
  134. steam IOTA
  135. Game bug with shields in the shield slot on the mutant sub race
  136. Did I make a mistake playing Scavenger?
  137. Mutant ship build question
  138. Chip Mechanics
  139. Hardcore, Command Zero, Maintained Prereqs attempt to reach level 100
  140. Subraces?
  141. Command Zero, prerequisites NOT maintained, level 100 ship
  142. How does this game work with stuff
  143. Infection crew?
  144. The Fine Art of Making Money
  145. rebels and race resurrection change suggestion
  146. Ship Component Configuration
  147. What are IOTA Features other than..
  148. Confusions unlocking Antients
  149. Best race for beginner
  150. Upgrading your ship only gives bonus stats not base stats. Why?
  151. Help in Installing Invasion of the Ancients in Correct folder
  152. IotA is 50% off on Steam
  153. A few questions about game events
  154. lv100 and up
  155. No Rebel ships for Reaper/Infection?
  156. Mod Request!
  157. boss on different location
  158. 200k attack?
  159. Scavenger ability discovered!!!!
  160. Make ballistic weapon vectors additive
  161. Scavenger scavenge outdated stuff
  162. Beta vs official patches
  163. Attack stat
  164. How to get specialist crew and good standard crew
  165. Mods - Ancients
  166. Drox Expansion rumors and expansion Suggestions/Ideas.
  167. How far can you go?
  168. Why can we lose after we've won?
  169. REQ: Comprehensive Ship List
  170. systems/planets
  171. Galatic Karma?
  172. Subrace Question
  173. Numbers of players in multi
  174. The game runs slow on +100 levels
  175. Mission to make one species the most powerful
  176. Crew leveling
  177. Wanted to play a low lvl to med lvl Drox Campaign
  178. Even when I win cannot get past 2nd challenge
  179. Extending timers for guild quests