View Full Version : My take on Kivi (warrior class) :)

01-18-2009, 08:33 AM
I found the first char rather boring so with the exemples in the sdk i played with kivis special skill :) this is my take on it i actually find him rather fun to play now,
Try it see if you like it to :) replace this old section in skills.gdb

Base BaseSkillOffense

BaseName $$PowerStrikeSkillName$$
Desc $$PowerStrikeSkillDesc$$

TextureName Textures/Icons/Skills/powerstrike.tga

Animation powerstrike
WaitForAnim 1

Attack 1
CanAutoAttack 1

MinRange 0
MaxRange 100

ExtraEnemies 5

ReuseTime 5.0

StatusEffect StatusEffectStunningBlow

Power 20
ShowSkillHint 1

DamageMultPhysical 1.0
DynamicStatMultAttack 1.0

PerLevel SkillWarriorPowerStrikePerLevel

StartingSkillLevel 1

TargetEffect Models/Effects/skillHitPowerStrike.mdl