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Fairgamer 10-18-2015 07:09 PM

- A bug occurs where an npc says something along the lines of "I'm afraid of s" Which I suppose is meant to be a very powerful enemy in the world, but cannot be called into this dialogue for some reason.
- I'll second or third the fact of humanoid enemies being insanely tough and seeming to do more damage than the player. Sometimes with a character I'll get lucky and find a good drop to do or mitigate damage with, but otherwise I'll feel like we're hitting the enemies with a nerf bat.

Caal 10-19-2015 08:06 AM

If you use the F keys to give a health potion to a party member, the game will try to give him the highest level potion you have in inventory. If that potion is at a higher level than the party member, you get a "Doesn't meet requirements" message, even if there are other lower level potions in your inventory that the party member could use.

The_Wuggly_Ump 10-19-2015 11:17 AM

Okay, new thing that's driving me crazy: I started an Earthquake build, and the sound effect for that skill is SO ANNOYING. It's way too loud, it goes on for like five times longer than it should, it's just awful. I hope this gets fixed, but in the meantime I might just edit the sound effect myself, it's just that bad.

Also, it seems like there's no way to see my actual stats (DPS, mana cost, etc) for the skill I'm using after buffs like Earth Mastery are taken into account, which is kinda frustrating.

corfe83 10-19-2015 01:11 PM

A few issues I saw while playing:

1) During raids, all NPCs pointlessly hack away at their lifestone, even when its health is already zero. They should finish off the actual enemy NPCs so the clan actually dies. I suspect this is why a certain clan isn't dieing in my current game (only one NPC has been alive for several minutes, and two much stronger clans are currently raiding it).

2) I raided an enemy clan and killed them off, after which I warped back to my town. I still had a "raid" icon in the corner of my screen which I hadn't clicked yet. A long time later when I was exploring some other dungeon, I clicked the "raid" icon to "finish" the raid, which warped me back to town. Feels like letting a raid linger like this can be used as a "free teleport back to town during invasion". Sort of a minor exploit.

3) I love hitting space bar in the crafting station to pass to clan members, but in cases where the item is not needed by an NPC, I wish it was salvaged instead of dropped on the floor. Or at least I wish there was an easy way to say "give or salvage".

4) Rumors seem extremely expensive (40 silver for a well-planned rumor? I'm level 12 and not made of money!) I wish there was some other way to influence relations between other clans for a diplomatic victory.. is there?

Tuidjy 10-19-2015 01:26 PM

I have not been able to find any way to improve the relations between clans, except for stopping wars between them, which keeps them at around 50. Rumor costs exceed all the money my character has ever made (I do not spend any)

I always get adventuring victories.


I came across an annoying bug. One of the potential recruits had a "raised skeleton bowman" who was registering as hostile for the purposes of recruiting/rescuing/etc... his master. I could not attack it or kill it, and so I could not interact with its master.

Caal 10-19-2015 02:14 PM


Originally Posted by Tuidjy (Post 79068)

I always get adventuring victories.

I got a logistics win once. I had a large clan that had a modest amount of food, but then I got raided and lost a few folks. After that, food was near the victory point. Then I booted a really unhappy guy from the clan, and voila - logistics win.

I also got an easy diplomatic win, when monsters wiped out all of the other clans except one. That one was weaker than me, and they were happy to give me an alliance.

I also have an adventuring win, but that was extraordinarily time consuming. It needed nearly 200 quests to finish. The adventuring win I think, has to be the most difficult.

Tuidjy 10-19-2015 03:58 PM

The game really, really need a few more screens.

For example, we should be able to see a summary of the clan's bonuses:
How much food is being consumed, and how that number is affected by members' skills.
What bonuses apply to repairing/uncursing/enchanting armor/weapons/jewelry.
How much gear/food/potions/doors are being crafted by members.
How much is happiness affected by member skills.
Etc, etc, etc...

Shadow 10-19-2015 04:04 PM


Originally Posted by Tuidjy (Post 79071)
How much food is being consumed, and how that number is affected by members' skills.

You can see how fast food is being consumed by highlighting any food number.

Tuidjy 10-19-2015 04:21 PM

I know. But I would also like to see how:
- my cooks, butchers, etc... are affecting reducing the rate food is consumed
- my farmers, etc.. are increasing the food store automatically

Some of the information is available here and there, but I would like a screen that lets me enjoy how well my clan is running.


Something funny has happened in one of my areas. There are literally dozens (40+) level 6 recruits in the areas, and almost no monsters. The recruits all have 0s in their random picked skill, both utility (farmer, butcher) and class (exploding arrow, fireball)


When I moused over a boss's abilities, I saw "Incredible Poison Resistance +750% Fire Resistance". I did not have either attack type, so I am not could not check which was actually present, but it definitely needs to be looked at.


I keep finding possible recruits with 0s in their skills (everything but the skills that allow them to wear equipment) They have high levels, but it will take them a few to catch up with those clan member who already have advanced their skills. I think that no clan member should have skills lower than the what his level entitles him.

Compare the guy who has been watching my back since day one to the possible recruit. She would have been one hell of a addition, but her skills are all zeros.

Majber 10-20-2015 03:08 AM

my feedback
My initial feedback from 15h of gameplay. :

Clan and clan base
-clan members need to have more "things" to do becouse with larger clan 95% clan members do nothing
-it should be vendor in clan base becouse for 15h of gameplay I noticed only 1 vendor so I dont rly have any money
-it should be clan "deposit" or "box" for items that we want to give to clan members ,and they should just be there not just tossed into the ground if no one want them, but they should wait there for for example new members
-more crafting could be nice

Food/hunting for potions
-they should have seperate timers
-maybe lower time for each of them
-it should be some alternative way of getting potions and food- for example crafting or doing a farm in clan base (another activity for clan members!)

Monsters&their damage
-flame throwers have too big damage

-respecting skill have TOO BIG cost, in this game I have hardly any money anyway becouse there are almost no vendors, so in the end there is close to 0 flexibility in skill respecting

sry for my english, its not my native lang.

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