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Sharpoint 02-21-2016 04:28 PM

When selecting a character, in the options key the only options listed are

HC - Hardcore
U - Unlucky
P - Poverty
SH - Semi hardcore

Unless this is intentional, seeing all of the various options listed in the options key would be great

Fennren 03-04-2016 08:25 AM

the elusive, cunning, Bulliten board.
Of all the beta related bugs I've seen, this one is by far the funniest. I just had a long winded conquest interrupted by an assassin spawning in my town and poisoning my members. Now, normally that would be normal, if it wasn't for the fact that the assassin is a Bulletin board sitting right outside my walls, immune to attack or targeting. this rude individual isn't even offering me quests, just death.

vau0807 03-18-2016 10:54 PM

Initial feedback
I'm enjoying the game so far. Here are a few gameplay balance issues that I noticed.
  • Food consumed too quickly. Can consumption rate be adjusted, or at least made explicit in the UI?
  • Rival clans destroyed by monsters too easily. On a Small Level 0 map, 2 clans were wiped out before I even met them.
  • Too much loot, too few opportunities to sell it. Vendors die easily. It would be nice to have a town vendor whose only purpose is to buy excess gear at a steep discount.

Maledictus 03-20-2016 10:58 AM

Is it possible to disable/remove the mouse hover text that appears over empty inventory slots? The text obscures other items so it leads to unnecessary mousing when I'm taking a quick look at my items. And the slots are empty, it's pretty clear, I don't think we need to be told this.

sourdust 03-22-2016 07:10 PM

1. When you encounter a random NPC in the wilds, and click to view their stats, you have a button giving you the option to kick them out of your clan. But they haven't joined your clan yet...

2. The various missions having you escort a random NPC from A to B... those NPCs are really fragile. They should be sort of fragile, but right now they're like Humpty Dumpty trying to play ice hockey. They can get single-shotted by many things, and sometimes even die from single traps.

3. I'm finding the various auto-pause / anto-unpause mechanics to be inconsistent and counterintuitive. If I open the "character" window, the game is auto-paused and can't be unpaused, even though sometimes I want to unpause it (eg to see the effect of various skill or equipment changes on my stats.) Conversely, some windows I feel should auto-pause but don't. And closing some windows automatically unpauses, while others don't. I think there's a need for a comprehensive look at all that. Perhaps like this:

(a) anything that brings up a full-screen window, obscuring the entire playing area, automatically pauses and cannot be unpaused while that screen is up. Whatever "pause" status was in effect when the window was called up remains in effect when it is closed. EG, if the game was paused when the window was opened, it remains paused when the window is closed.
(b) anything that brings up a smaller window, so you can still view part of the main playing screen, auto-pauses but can be unpaused. Closing the window has no effect on pause status.

Shadow 03-24-2016 09:42 AM


Originally Posted by Maledictus (Post 80744)
Is it possible to disable/remove the mouse hover text that appears over empty inventory slots? The text obscures other items so it leads to unnecessary mousing when I'm taking a quick look at my items. And the slots are empty, it's pretty clear, I don't think we need to be told this.

If you mean the ones in your bags, there is an option. Turn off "Show Simple Tips" in the game options.

MindDefect 03-24-2016 08:35 PM

Also I know you raised the quality created items by clan members a few updates back, but I think most of us agree, they could be created even a bit less often, but more importantly, they should be of even more signifigant quality and/or rarity (better than common/uncommon). I really don't think it could end up being exploited or way too imbalanced.. I just think quality over quanity would be best here.

Would make it so players are more encouraged to put these certain clan members on "work". As it stands, it just seems like members with any of these many "Item creating" skills, can pretty much just be completely ignored, unless someone here can dispute that, and tell me that is part of how they succeed in this game :p

Maybe step this up further so clan members that are much lower than me still make just as good items, that are great for my higher level...but because they are such a lower level, they make items much less often.

Either way, it should almost never be a bother, rather than a cool feature.

Crisses 03-26-2016 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by MindDefect (Post 80773)
Either way, it should almost never be a bother, rather than a cool feature.

I agree. I have a chest full of gates, because for a bit there were SO MANY attacks I needed them! But I still pass up a Carpenter character -- why bother? I find gates aplenty in the wild, the Carpenter isn't worth the food I spend on him.

Also these skills can only ever be "level 1" skills. Why not allow them to go from 1-3 signifying the level of objects they can create? Alchemists with level 3 can create health or mana potions, as an example. They RARELY do it, but it pays their rent. Carpenter Level 3 creates an elite door every hour or something -- or 90 minutes. I'd pay food for that.

And don't make it easy for them to raise the level of their crafting skills. You don't go from apprentice to master craftsman overnight. Otherwise, why take up precious slots with these skills?

Tuidjy 03-26-2016 03:48 PM


Originally Posted by Crisses (Post 80786)
And don't make it easy for them to raise the level of their crafting skills. You don't go from apprentice to master craftsman overnight. Otherwise, why take up precious slots with these skills?

I like this. You could make skill increases tied to one of the quests that require you to gather materials for an item. I would also leave the existing 'automatically crafted' items as they as, and make every tenth or so crafting quest into a chain quest (multiple stages) that would produce a elite or better item which would be the 'journeyman piece' or the 'master piece' that many guild tradition have. I am sure that if the effort is judged worth it, we can come up with levels for most skills.

Faceless 04-04-2016 11:53 PM

Hello @Shadow. I recently picked up an early access copy of Zombasite. Depths and Din's were fun, but I could never escape a sense of missed potential in how Din's didn't have the surface maps or clans, and in how Depths did not have the deep dungeons. The evolution of Zombasite (no pun intended) combines and refines all the best features of your previous releases, and in doing so fulfills that potential. Thanks for making it.

I have put perhaps 10 hours in so far and have some suggestions and feedback. I see the main strengths of your games in the evolving random events, the fusion of game genre elements (ARPG + clan diplomacy etc), and the variety of settings for game customization. For example, the 'no zombies' and 'no clans' options you added allow a person convert Zombasite into a non-zombie Depths of Peril / Din's Curse 2. Some developers would just say 'it is supposed to be zombie themed' and dismiss the request. You give us options instead. Thank you for that too.

1) The one mod I immediately sought out for both Depths of Peril and Din's Curse, and the only one I really needed, was the 3 skill tree hybrid mod. I would like to see this for Zombasite as well. I understand there are balance reasons for limiting hybrid to 2 choices as presented, especially with multiplayer available. I would suggest incorporating a permanent XP penalty into the 3 choice hybrid class, 10-25% as you think most fair. This penalty would stack with all other XP penalties from world creation settings. That is a tradeoff I would be happy to accept in exchange for having the option to have this built into the base game and UI. I would call it the Dabbler class, or something similar. Where a base class has a set of related skill trees and the hybrid focuses on only two unrelated skill trees to do well at them, the dabbler spreads himself out too thin on unrelated skill trees and does not learn how to advance his abilities as quickly - that is he price he pays for his flexibility. If the UI addition would be a hassle, perhaps pop up or toggle to a separate screen to make the 3 selections? Popup Dabbler choice interface with 3 choices, choice 1 pops up skill tree menu like for hybrid choice 1, same for 2 and 3, etc.

2) *Edit: deleted question about easier way to donate items to clan members* I saw the tooltip for using spacebar about an hour after I posted this, before it was approved by a moderator. Issue has already been addressed.

3) It is sort of strange to have art for vendor locations in town, such as the armorsmith wardrobe or weaponsmith armory, but so far in my play through it seems like the player never recruits a permanent vendor into the clan. Not having a vendor semi-consistently available to sell items to for coin makes coin seem a bit too hard to earn, despite it still applying to some game aspects like mass identify and respending skill points. Instead, vendors just stand out on the world map in the middle of the apocalypse waiting to die despite shelter being available, and can't be recruited. Would it be possible to add a world creation option to enable merchant and gambler recruitment? I could see it being done like the recruit or 'replace dead vendor' quests you had in your previous games. These quests could be made to be much rarer than they were in Dins Curse and Depths of Peril, and having to go quest to get them is more on theme with the Zombasite post-apocalypse than just starting with them already in town. Having this option available would also synergize with the 'no zombies' and 'no clans' options for those players that want to tweak the settings more towards Depths of Peril 2 than zombie apocalypse. I would suggest an XP penalty might be reasonable if you had an additional option to start with vendors already in town.

4) This may exist already and simply be something I haven't seen yet in my playthroughs, but any chance of seeing some of character elements Depths of Peril, Din's Curse, Kivi's Underworld? Such as say, a lumen clan, or spawns of legendary named story bosses like Ciglio?

5) Fire brigade duty for clan npcs, running back and forth between a well or ice grenade barrel in town and fires in the town map?

Bug Report:
This may be partly due to my settings, but I have a powerful 1 year old gaming rig. Huge world, 8 clans. The arch-nemesis colonize the 3rd floor of a dungeon about 8 screens away from my clan town. I wasn't really leveled enough to push out there, but the sieges started getting so bad that I pushed out of desperation despite being out leveled in that region, dying multiple times until I found the dungeon. By the time I got to it, there were nearly 40 scree uprisings and multiple named quest champion targets on the 3rd floor, with more uprisings generated every 1-2 minutes. As I got into the 1st floor, kills stopped dropping any loot. I was worried the system memory or some kind of cache was maxing out, so I went to save and exit to back out of the game. The save for that world run became corrupted and crashes the game whenever I try to resume it. So, it seems to me there was some kind of infinite loop on generating the uprising events. I'm torn about this - having the game stop dropping loot and corrupting the save for that run is bad, but I also like the idea of this huge army of uprisings snowballing because I can't get out to the area and event keeps evolving. I guess a compromise would be to see about maybe putting an optional toggle in game options or world generation to cap the maximum number of uprisings from one source?

Question: Is there any limit on how deep the dungeons can be? I've see one listed in the quest log that claimed to be as deep as 16 levels, similar to some Din's Curse runs. While it was in my crashed game, knowing that it is possible in combination with the open world map is rather exciting to me.

Thank you for your work, time, and consideration.


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