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Originally Posted by Max_Powers View Post
I don't think I have ever seen the world modifiers: "Clutter", nor "Warehouse". Is there a list somewhere of all the modifiers?
In the game resources we can find this:

Rainy: It rains a lot.
Traps: The monsters below the town love their traps.
High Intensity: The dangers in this town move quicker.
Vulnerable Town: For whatever reason this town gets attacked more often than normal.
Gargoyles: A strange force has made many of the monsters below into Gargoyles.
Undead: The undead love this town.
Haunted: The dungeon is haunted.
Demons: Demons below!
Spiders: The dungeon is usually infested with spiders.
Dark Elves: Lots of dark elves, beware.
Horror: Undead, Darkness, and Death!
Unstable: The dungeon below the town is very fragile.
Acid: The area has problems with acid.
Warehouse: The monsters are pack rats or something.
Fire Hazard: The dungeon tends to have a lot of flammable objects.
Explosion Hazard: Everything in the dungeon seems to want to explode.
Mushrooms: The dungeon is fairly wet and is a good breeding ground for mushrooms.
Monster Traps: The monsters in this dungeon like to use more active traps.
Trickster Realm: Objects are locked and trapped more often.
Clutter: There seems to be way more objects inside the dungeon.
Chaos: The monsters seem to always be at war here.
Storms: The surrounding area has a lot of bad weather.
Darkness: The town and dungeon are darker than normal.
Bright: The town and dungeon are brighter than normal.
Fear: You should be afraid of the dungeon here. People go down there and die.
Cursed: The surrounding area is cursed which causes lots of items to be cursed.
Magma: There must be a crack in the mantle below since there is a lot of magma.
Plague: The town has the plague.
Foggy: The dungeon is foggier than normal.
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