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Old 01-01-2023, 09:23 PM
Derpomancer Derpomancer is offline
Join Date: Jan 2023
Location: Mostly in my own head
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Question Help With Warrior and Rogue Skills

I'm having a hard time working out a viable build strategy for the warrior and rogue. Some help would be greatly appreciated.

I'm trying to plan viable builds that work well in the mid and late levels.


What's the current meta on the warrior (please excuse the misuse of this term, I hail from the Stellaris community and we're very silly)?

I've done some test playthroughs with Crush builds with mixed results. I like that it breaks the weapon speed rules. I don't like the skill's economics. Would ignoring Crush and building on Power Strike instead be a better option?

What would be a viable one-handed and shield build? What skills would best fit this approach? I don't like any of the defense-oriented active skills like Overpower.


I have no idea what skills to take for this class.

Slice, obviously. I'm looking hard at Viper Venom. In my warrior tests, Gut was amazing. Same idea. Beyond that, no idea. A lot of the skills link, and I feel like I'd be spread too thin if I took them all early on.

Any suggestions?

Thank you for taking the time to read and help a silly noob
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Old 01-04-2023, 05:22 PM
Derpomancer Derpomancer is offline
Join Date: Jan 2023
Location: Mostly in my own head
Posts: 5


Anyone got any thoughts?

C'mon. You know you want to.
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Old 01-08-2024, 03:22 AM
eidolad eidolad is offline
Join Date: Sep 2012
Posts: 50

A side order of Stealth/Light Touch (and some like Disarm Trap) skills for survivability is pretty much the "meta" IMHO for any player stubborn enough to want to go high level with a melee based build. (And hard to say no to for any build). Something, anything, to get the entire area to stop focusing on my poor melee character who brought a knife to a spell/bowfight.

I have lately (in Din's Legacy which I play exclusively in the past years) put a ton of time trying to get a viable build in the 30+ level range that isn't a mage or archer, with side order of stealth. I never get past the 20s...

a) mainly struggled with the basic weaknesses of a melee class in ARPGs: I look across the room and cannot hurt the enemy...and then need to run over there to even begin any DPS. if it is a run full of ranged/casters...that's not great since they will start blasting the minute they see me.

(Yes, I'm aware of teleport and the one or two "teleport and strike" type skills...but that's a risky one-way trip over to where half of the screen is unknown)

...rant mode on: and the second weakness is a melee builds willingly accept going point-blank and trading hits. This "duh" build constraint means much more pain for very little gain...can I lifesteal or mana steal (nope life/mana steal skill/weapons aren't common) I really THAT more resistant to melee attacks while leveling than a caster or ranger. Not in my experience even when spending half of my skill points on defense/armor/avoid. And mostly why am I needing to lifesteal? Oh it's because my class requires me to facedance with every melee enemy. Also specific to Din's games: the cool "combination" ability that ramps up damage to 200% if you alternate damage types. That's great! Except for me, melee classes are slower to generate "combination" than other classes. WTF gah! Rant mode off.

b) recommend to search the forum for posts by expert players like noBear and others who talk about their 100 char level builds, op builds, using melee skills like whirlwind and building for 100% chance crushing blow, whilst using some other single-enemy melee attack skill of choice.

My last attempt at a melee character was a skill progression attempts of

a) do Paladin until I have plate armor and some other skills before going whirlwind but it was so wearying...regeneration skill isn't enough to keep the bloke going without returning to base to heal. Gave up before switching class.

b) no let's try Gladiator first, go Berserk skill and use the capstone skill for damage to mobs...but same issue with a. Berserk attack speed is quite tasty though...

c) current attempt: start full stealth with Trickster build using Shuriken, stealth and auto-attack, then switch to Weaponmaster for whirlwind. But it's laughably weak and taking forever to collect all the nice Trickster skills before switching classes.

...compared with a stealth archer running homing multishot (what a nice mutation combo) and grabs firestorm (a 100% chance stunning FIRE HURRICANE? yes please). This was the char that took me into the 30s before I got bored and wanted to try to get melee to work as well...

...because I'm stubborn about melee for some reason in ARPGs.

I tried building a whirlwind character but item a) above makes it not so fun once hitting 30th level...when the game difficulty takes the first upwards spike.

Finally, at my skill level: I've tried taking a melee build +4 levels or more above it's class...that's death dealer difficulty once above level 25 char level. But this is reasonable for me to do with a solid mage/ranger (that has a side order of stealth).

Specific to Din's Legacy: Second "meta" for melee: melee class will need to spam a healing spell a ton. Which usually is why the second class I mutate over to is the Healer...
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