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Old 04-11-2019, 03:06 PM
Bluddy Bluddy is offline
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Also, just a reminder that the last update removed the option to have complex shadows. Also seems a bunch of stuff from DL leaked into Zombasite from the error messages in the console.
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Old 04-11-2019, 03:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Bluddy View Post
Also, just a reminder that the last update removed the option to have complex shadows. Also seems a bunch of stuff from DL leaked into Zombasite from the error messages in the console.
The error messages shouldn't cause any problems. I have fixed the shadows option already, just need to do a new patch.
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Old 05-25-2019, 03:29 AM
Arrhtheis Arrhtheis is offline
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I've just tried it yesternight, this game is phenomenal! For a game like Zombasite being not so successful as it was expected just means that modern gamers almost lost the taste for good games (well, it's obvious without Zombasite case though).

Leaving aside few minor bugs (as disappearing of sound effects sometimes in battles, or persistent name and healthbar of already killed monster on screen, etc.), my personal biggest concern is the animation and speed of action. Everything seems so frantic now (especially comparing to Din's Curse), animation is jerky (no, I have a somewhat good videocard that lets me playing on max settings), monsters speed is rather inadequate, these scampering orcs and all almost ruins the fun of battles.

Can it be mended some way (settings, patch, mod)?

EDIT: I've noticed another 'bug' (?): my town gate guards don't attack invaders. Now I have one guard at each of four (doored) gates, till now attacks came from three sides of four, and only one of those three guards (an orc IIRC) is fighting back. Another two guards (one of them being ragnar or whatever they are called now in Zombasite, don't remember another one) just stand there passively. Maybe I do something wrong or miss something?

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Old 07-30-2020, 10:55 AM
AlterEgo45 AlterEgo45 is offline
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I loved the base game but hate most of the features of the DLC. Things like the randomly resized towns that put half of your clan outside the walls, the spammy orc scouts with their overwhelming amount of summons, the over the top spread of Zombasite, and the OP nature of some of the new clans.

The orcs are the worst part by far, since the other things can be adjusted for and OP clans don't appear in every game. Orcs are so strong and so numerous that they make everything else about the game trivial. In the base game, your biggest challenges were attacks by strong clans, those areas where maybe a handful of named monsters or characters had banded together, and the process of taking on your nemesis.

But in the expansion, a gated attack by orcs is as strong or stronger than anything a clan can do. The spamming of Orc berzerkers, especially if a group is summoned behind you, is just as bad as the group of named characters. Orcs are so strong that you need to adjust the level of your world to play against them, but if you do that, then everything else but the orcs is too easy. I won a game recently where I killed my nemesis, and that combat was far easier than what you see with the typical Orc scout spam. IMHO 'standard' monsters shouldn't play that way.

Their relative strength also impacts the ecosystem of the world. I'm pretty sure they're wiping out clans, but worse yet they generally wipe out any other monsters in an area who aren't orcs. So on many levels you're just fighting orc after orc after orc and it gets repetitive. I had a quest recently where I was meant to find dread warrior skulls on a given level. I had to wipe out and respawn the area 3 times to get the skulls I needed, because orcs also populated the area and they would constantly wipe out all the dread warriors before I even saw them.

That's the thing with a dynamic world, I think. The balance has to be just so, and if something gets made stronger without having counterbalances to it, it throws everything off completely.

That said I liked the Bard. Any new character class, as long as it isn't too strong or weak, is great. But the negatives just weren't worth it. Maybe such a DLC should come with checkboxes for every addition that you'd like to implement or not implement.

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