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Old 09-23-2019, 04:13 PM
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Default Spells & Damage over Time

EDIT: From the latest patchnotes it looks like the third mechanic was a bug and it's now fixed in Patch 1.004.

Meaning that spells that deal damage over time now works as follows:
1. Spell Damage does not increase DoT on spells
2. Poison/Fire/etc Damage does increase DoT on spells
3. Skill Damage does increase DoT on spells

So yeah, the rest of this post isn't really important anymore.


While trying to fix an issue with a mod regarding poison spells, I did some tests with spells that deal damage over time using a status effect (Blight, Immolation, Nature's Revenge, …). I would like to verify if these calculations (in bold) work like I think they do, if it is intended and - assuming the answer is yes to these questions - share the knowledge. Hopefully this stuff is not too obvious and I am not making a fool out of myself.
I ran tests for all of the following stuf in Vanilla Zombasite, mostly using a Sage/Necromancer and Sage/Fire Mage hybrid.


+% Spell Damage
Spell Damage on direct damage works.
Spell Damage on Blight (damage over time) doesn't work.
Spell Damage on Fiery Blast (direct damage + damage over time) does work with the initial damage but not with damage over time.

Apparently Spell Damage doesn't apply to Status Effects and therefore +% Spell Damage does not increase Damage over Time by Status Effects.

To Shadow or anyone who knows: Is this an intended mechanic? I did not expect that as a player (Spell Damage sounds like any damage done by a spell). I am also wondering now what Direct Spell Damage does because I assumed Direct Spell Damage was the opposite of (indirect) Damage over Time.


+% Damage Type
Poison Damage on Blight works. The same goes for Fire damage on Fiery Blast. Meaning that +% Poison/Fire/etc. damage does increase damage over time by Status Effects.


+% Skill Damage
Zombasite uses Masteries to increase different Magic types. Spell Masteries use Skill Damage which does not increase damage over time by itself. However, there is a command that extends the skill damage to status effects, as shown below for the Fire Mastery:
Skill		SkillSweepingFlames
EnhanceStatusEffect	StatusEffectImmolation
Skill		SkillVolcano
Immolation is a pure damage over time skill without initial damage. You will find the same commands for Nature's revenge and other pure damage over time effects. However, you won't find these commands for Fiery Blast and other spells with both direct damage and damage over time. Meaning that +% Skill Damage does not increase damage over time by Status Effects except for Skills that only deal damage over time by Status Effect (and no additional direct damage).
(For anyone who's wondering: Skills like Earthquake and Ice Storm apply damage directly through an object in the world and not through Status Effects, so they should be included in Skill Damage by default.)

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