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Old 01-30-2011, 10:52 AM
Juason Juason is offline
Join Date: Jan 2011
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Default Looking for some pointers

Howdy folks,

I'm a bit new to DoP, but think I have a decent grasp of the game. I've played each class to 15, and have won about 20 games (only lost 1) playing on normal/hard aggression with 6 enemies.

At about level 15 I start hitting a wall though. It seems like the quest enemies become much too hard to kill until I am 5 levels above them. Not sure what the best way to handle this is.

Let me give an example -

I am a level 15 rogue, and I need to kill Darkfaith the naga. He is a level 15 unique mob as the target for a level 14 Lorelle forest quest. Now, Darkfaith is empowered with +60% poison resist, +fire damage/resist, +lightning damage/resist, he regens health each second and he has a life drain....

Enemies like this were the occasional, omg run boss type of Diablo 2. Each time you hit them you get whacked back 5x as hard. Recruits die in a second or two to them, even at level 15 with proper gear.

My last 4 games have all been packed with bosses like this out in the forest area. Worse yet, I reach melee and see 0...0...0....0...3...0 as my damage numbers.

I am using a 14.4 DPS Torvid's dagger, and have +25 armor penetration. I've recently begun putting some points into strength as I have no trouble actually hitting things, just damageing it.

I am unable to get "easier" missions because, as a level 15 rogue, the game seems to feel this is adequate for me.

Any thoughts? Am I missing the boat someplace? Usually spending a gold on potions and doing hit and run for 10 minutes gets the job done, but that just doesn't "feel" like it was intended.

On another note, I find the enemy covenants just sit around in town all day and never quest. In 20 games I've never lost a quest to any of them, even after leaving the game running while I go eat. Eventually the covenants begin fighting and then they really stop advancing. This usually means that even though I am unable to complete any more quests, I can just walk in and insta-kill the enemy covenants when I want to advance.

Thanks for any insight on the matter! The game is a lot of fun, even if it has some balancing problems.
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Old 01-30-2011, 05:09 PM
DeathKnight1728's Avatar
DeathKnight1728 DeathKnight1728 is offline
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Ok you are talking about the rogue class so i have some advice. If you are using a up in your face approach without a good stealth skill, you will get beat. Stealth is where the rogues shine. I know that the bosses are a bit overpowered and annoying, but i use a rogue so i have some tactics.

-First get a recruit that is a priest with hardiness skill. Let them cast that on you whenever you are going in the wilderness to quest. It will last 5 minutes and will give you insane health and make you regenerate fast too. Use that whenever you go to fight a boss. Dont bring the priest with you though.

-Second, get a warrior with tanking abilities (high level, good weapon, maybe shield). Let him come with you but make sure that the priest gives him the hardiness blessing as well before you leave.

-Third and final. Try and get as many enemies away from the boss and kill them before you fight him. With a high level stealth, dagger mastery, good dagger and damage skill-storm him while your warrior tanks him and gets his attention. Use your highest damage attacks on him while your 5 seconds of stealth are there.

That should take him out, but worse comes to worse you can always go back to the teleporter to go back to town and heal while he is weakened. Make sure whenever you fight as a rogue to use stealth before you attack. If you just rush in kill everything without a plan, the warrior is better at that. Wizards can kill enemies from afar but are weak as anything when hit. Priests can take many hits, but arent very offensive. Each of these classes have their strengths and weaknesses but i think that none are less balanced. Its all a matter of taste.

The game does have some weird balancing issues that need to be addressed but i think shadow will be working on them soon as dins expansion pack is out of beta. Dins is actually much more balanced than dop, but they are both great games.
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Old 01-30-2011, 10:33 PM
Juason Juason is offline
Join Date: Jan 2011
Posts: 4

I do use a priest with the hardiness spell, and I am using a level 17 warrior with capped gear (I am level 16 now). I also make liberal use of potions and the teleporter, and try for stealth/backstab.

Unfortunately, the bosses I am talking about still kill the warrior in about 6 hits, and kill me in abut 4. It is kind of silly, and no cimbination of tactics has proven sufficient to take it out. I even tried adventuring with another covenant's warrior leader, and he died in about 10 hits. Hurting many of these enemy bosses is proving impossible.

Guess I'll go back to playing my mage for now. At least frost spells slow and get past the armor of enemies due to the higher base damage.
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