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Old 12-20-2020, 02:04 AM
Bluddy Bluddy is offline
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* It would be nice to be able to press enter on screens with just one button, such as after trading and getting a reply from a race and an 'ok' button.
* Spies are currently a little confusing. I built a few (50 spying), used an action (-30), and failed and immediately lost all those spies without being told about it. If my spies are caught, I should be notified by message about it.
* Also, I guess spy points (which are separate from spying) are per race rather than per planet? If so, it makes it really hard to spy on large races, because you'll fail some of the time, thus alerting the whole race. I think it makes more sense to make them per planet.
* There should also be a way to tell my spies to lay low so they don't get caught.
* Honestly I'm a little confused about how the system works now that I realize that there are 2 numbers for spying (one for the number of spies per planet, and one for status of spying per race). Some clarification would help. Using a planet action should not cause my spies to get caught, even if they fail, unless they are specifically caught... Yeah, it's confusing.
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Old 10-23-2021, 10:34 PM
eidolad eidolad is offline
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Rocking in Drox 2 v1.0! Sooooo happy to be back on the bridge. I've been stuck for years on a low-tech planet awaiting a ping from Drox Command. At least they have good chocolate cake.

Just wanted to reiterate this request:

auto-pay all crew and/or "pay to 100% happiness with single click for all active crew"

sorta-kinda pseudo-code:

1. if game option {auto-pay-active-crew} in {frequency} if player funds at least {minimum reserve credits}

2. at every N minutes frequency

3. if {current player funds} >= {minimum reserve credits} + {the amount to pay all crew-in-light-slots up to 100% happiness}

a. success: then pay the {crew-in-light-slots} until they reach 100% happiness

show message to user

b. failure: not enough funds

show error message to user indicating the amount of funds required
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Old 07-13-2023, 03:18 AM
megancarrye megancarrye is offline
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Originally Posted by goodgimp View Post
I do feel that I spend too much time clearing fog of war, either looking for starlanes or the gate to the system. Having 300 speed reduces the time spent but I still feel like that's where a large Tool chunk of my time is going.

If the suggestions above aren't taken, perhaps another increase the radar range for Planets/Starlanes/Gates/Wormholes would be in order? Clearing out the fog in a system or two is doable, but it becomes a dozen or more and then it's time to start a new sector...
I was contemplating Din's Legacy and had an interesting idea: what if mutations in the game didn't persist beyond the current world? In other words, all the negative and positive mutations you acquire would only apply to that specific world.

This would mean that you wouldn't have to worry about accumulating a multitude of negative mutations alongside positive ones. Additionally, it would justify the existence of a separate XP bar that tracks only the experience gained in the current world.

Such a system would also foster a stronger attachment to the current world, particularly if you enjoy the unique and unusual abilities obtained through mutations. The more I reflect on it, the more I believe this approach would be a superior way to handle mutations in Din's Legacy. Each world would essentially be treated as a roguelike session where things can get a little chaotic, while your character remains the constant thread connecting them.

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