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Old 07-08-2017, 07:16 PM
Throwback Throwback is offline
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Warning, extremely salty post ahead.

Why do my minions insist on running off without me and dying nigh-instantly? Surely something can be done with morale that means they will run for safety when they start losing masses of health.

Why does one negative personality trait mean a person is completely unacceptable unless you have 3-4 entertainers? And why are negative traits so ridiculously common? I get that at high populations it's really easy to keep everyone happy - but that's an entirely separate problem that has been, imho, incorrectly solved. Do something with hunger, do something with damaged buildings, do something. But make it something *else* that doesn't make it impossible to build a clan. On that matter - why are my clan members constantly unhappy, even when I only have 2 and one is alone in my base?

Why does warrior suck so bad? Granted I don't have a lot of experience playing ranged characters to compare, but the only way I can stay alive is by playing extremely cautiously. It's no issue and I can do it - but I suspect ranged characters don't have this issue.

Why do NPCs stand in poison?

Why do monsters respawn so insanely quickly? Can't you trigger it when the player is not present for a set amount of time?

Why does stamina exist? It adds exactly 0 to the game.

After 203 hours I am done with this game for now.
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