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Old 09-27-2021, 05:52 PM
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Default Bugs and suggestions (long list)

I wrote this in 0.917 and haven't had time to upgrade to 0.918 yet, so some things might have been changed/fixed (although from reading the 0.918 changelog I don't think they were).

Bugs first:

*Bombers don't add DPS to the character window when summoned (but drones do, I think interceptors do too, haven't tested others but since they all use laser weapons, they probably do too).

*Fighter bay spawn with damage modifiers that don't seem to affect them. I remember seeing in the files that damage modifiers that specifically boost summoned units were added but the fighters bays don't seem to get those. Instead they get the generic ones.

*The EM weapon that looks like a TV and does a large AoE debuff to the attack stat sometimes spawns with damage modifiers but it doesn't do any damage. Pretty sure this happened in Drox 1 too. Also, I know for a fact that adding damage to this weapon, even if just a little, makes it overpowered. if you want to do that instead of fixing this bug, maybe reduce its radius and increase the cooldown too.

*Scrolling the system map is kinda wonky, especially when it's zoomed all the way in. The sector map is fine, though. (fixed in 0.918?)

*Game slows down massively under some circunstances: when I'm in an escape pod, although this also depends on some other conditions(s) that I'm not sure of; when I lose enough stats (from unequipped crew, for example) that I'm below minimum requirements for a bunch of components (as in at least 2, maybe 3 or more). Those two things are probably related somehow.

*Often with quests that ask you to kill an orange-named monster, the target will just be a regular white-named enemy (although with a proper name instead of the generic one). I think this only affects quests generated at the start.

*In the get quests screen inside the relationship screen, moving up/down the list can only be done with arrow up/down keys. I've remapped my up/down/left/right keybinds to WASD but I still need to use the arrows in that screen. In the regular quests screen I can move through the list with W/S.

*The calculations for max speed seem to be wrong when using thrust boosters (whether from consumable or equipment). My current ship only has one engine and when I use thrust boost I have capped max speed, but as I add more engines my max speed starts decreasing. Also, when I did the calculations by hand, I found the emergency thrusters equipment adds the correct amount of thrust as per the buff tooltip but the consumable seems to add less, and neither gets added to the thrust value in the character screen under the "max speed" tooltip.

*Can't get rid of the starting cargo bay in any way I tried (selling, dropping, putting in stash).

*Sometimes a moon spawns inside a very large planet, especially when there are a lot of moons and planets close together

*Seems like there's absolutely no difference between different sizes of diplomat ships other than their cost.

*I deleted all my old sectors the other day (manually, via file the system file browser) and all my young races somehow also got deleted. maybe there was some file I inadvertently deleted as well but I sent them all to oblivion instead of the recycle bin so I couldn't backtrack and check what happened exactly. Also, those .map files are way too large and they don't really get deleted when you delete sectors in game, is there any way to use data compression to make them smaller?


I'm not entirely sure if the following are bugs:

*The tenth light, medium and heavy slots don't increase structure but it seems like they should. The tenth light slot should increase structure to 250 and the heavy to 275.

*If you're doing something like researching an anomaly or exploring a planet, entering the relations screen and clicking on a race cancels it. Maybe not a bug, but very annoying.

*When you have two (and more, possibly?) fighter bays of the same type and level equipped, using one of them multiple times will summon up to the max amount of fighters allowed for both fighter bays. Not sure what happens if you have two of the same level equipped and a third of different level.

*I'm not sure if this happens consistently and/or is intended, but once I was trying to expand a race by sponsoring colony ships and they kept getting destroyed so I ended up having to do it repeteadly and the ships always tried to colonise the same sequence of planets (almost all of which already had colonies in them, belonging to another race). so when I sent 3 ships at once, it was always the same 3 specific planets, when I sent 6 it was always the first 3 plus 3 specific, even when I sent 12 it was always the first 6 plus 6 specific.

*Not sure if this is a bug or just me confusing things due to small sample sizes or not understanding how the game works, but I vaguely remember this happening in Drox 1 too: sometimes one or more pairs of races seem to get stuck and stop forming new agreements or upgrading previous ones, even when they clearly have enough relation points between them to do so. When this happens I force them to "update" by paying them to break the agreement they have or go to war if they don't have one, then when I rebuild their relationship it seems they promptly start forming agreements again. This weird behaviour seems to happen very often when I find a young race pre-space age that I can repeteadly flood with relatively small donations (but large enough to cap relation due their shitty economy) and then promptly spend to vouch for other races, until they're capped at 100 with every race. After I upgrade them to space age, the other races seem to refuse to want to form agreements even if they're at 100 relation with the young race.


The following are tooltip problems:

*The tooltip when you mouseover "race specific components" in the ship components screen says "2 or 3 slots below", but there are 4 slots. also, I noticed you can put crew in the yellow slots, but I don't remember this being mentioned anywhere. Not sure if it's intended either.

*The tooltip for the base skill of the race specific skill trees mention, for example, "+5 tactical" on the second line and then "+5 base + command tactical". Since you only get +5 tactical once and it counts as base stat, I guess the second line doesn't need to be there.

*When creating a young race ship, the first line under bonus reads "2 extra crew slots", making it seems as if they can house crew from any race, but they can only house crew from the race the ship belongs to (so it's exactly the same behaviour as mature races).

*I also noticed some inconsistencies like the light component that gives a temporary buff to attack sometimes having a highlighted attack bonus in the buff tooltip and sometimes not, and some other component that I can't recall now sometimes having an attack speed bonus from random enhancements with an inadvertently bigger font. Unfortunately I forgot to note these down.


Lastly, some suggestions:

Now with all the young races it's become problematic to find regular races in non-challenge sectors if you want to unlock subraces or to find the race your ship belongs to if you want to find new crew members, so I have two suggestions regarding this issue:

*A toggleable option on world creation to not generate young races.
*A toggleable option on world creation to always generate the race to which your ship belongs.

Other unrelated suggestions below:

*This is something I wish was in the game since Drox 1. Once you acquire some item that a planet needs to fix a problem, I'd love it if there was an option to "mail" the item to the planet or something. For example, in the quests screen, once you have the item, the "search for good" button could change to something that lets you remotely send the item to the planet for a fee and a with few minutes delay.

*Increase the radius for collecting scrap to be the same as collecting credits.

*If you pick up scrap manually it goes to your inventory as an item instead of turning into credits but I'm not sure if there's a point to this. Maybe just turn scrap into credits regardless of how you pick it up. After all, you have to go find a somewhat obscure option and turn it on, so I guess you really want that to happen. Also, it would be great if the scrap option could scrap quest rewards automatically too.

*Escape Pod component seems to have some kind of internal and invisible cooldown or at least it does when I use it plus self-destruct to teleport home quickly (I've actually killed myself a few times doing this). It would be nice if this cooldown got displayed somewhere.

*That mine that slows you by 50% and has a very large radius lasts way too long. How about 5 secs instead of 10?

*Ward Heroes' shields are way too strong. I calculated it at some point and found they were like 20x the ship's regular hp pool.

*Radius for for getting a relationship bonus for killing enemies close to a race's planet is a bit too small I think. The radius for killing enemies close to diplomat/colony/etc ship seems fine though, I guess because those ships don't usually have 2+ battleship doing rounds around them to keep enemies at a distance.

*It would be nice if when starting a new sector all your cooldowns got reset (but only when starting a new sector). Oftentimes I have to wait a good two or more minutes before I can turn on my Offensive Dampening Field. Either that or have those components that have both cooldown and duration that scale up with level to just have fixed cooldown/duration and not scale at all.

*It's kinda annoying how the ancients (Rizak, Nexium and friends) can destroy planets of pre space age races. Young races are effectively inexistent until discovered, so maybe they should have some protection from being conquered/destroyed before being discovered.

*In 1920x1080 resolution is there any way to fit 3 full size bags in a column without having to scale them down? Maybe by moving the bag windows down a bit?

*Heavy slots are a bit lacking in variety. Maybe the offensive rams can be moved to heavy so people can more easily make a ship that kills purely by ramming?

*Maybe this won't be balanced but I'd love to have the temporary thrust boost component on light slots instead of medium.

*Also, since Drox 1 I've been thinking how nice it would be to have shields that go in the heavy slot but this seems really unbalanced.


Sorry it's so long, I've been gathering these for a while.
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