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Old 08-11-2022, 06:07 PM
DoomAngelBlade DoomAngelBlade is offline
Join Date: Oct 2013
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Default List of thing that should be changed/added/whatever.

My honest opinion, can be easily discarded.

1. Moving with keyboard while opening crate / scanning anomaly/planet doesn't interrupt scanning/opening process. Moving with mouse while doing so - does.
Imho mouse movement shouldn't interrupt it.

2. Some items have a hard cap on the skill they can be generated for.
For example. On level monster level 150 with player character level 95, engineering 180, top quality ENERGY LEECH that can be generated is only for level 129 engineering.
Power plants generate for level 160-180 engineering.
Another example:
All non-combat chips are hardcapped at level 50.
EM/Kinetic/thermal/Explosion/Radiation resistance, find more credits/comps, max power load, etc. - Can be only generated at top level of 50.(Tested via scavenge. Though I didn't got a drop of a chip yet that proves me wrong)

3. Durability chip is gone. Crucial thing for armor users like me.
Now I have to roll the dice like 1000 times to get armor with +130% Durability.

4. Scaling sector size scales amount of things need to be done for a victory.
It should also scale reward, or atleast show that it does, otherwise - no real reason to play huge sector - reward is same, or atleast, seems same.

5.If im low on cash I can always go to a new sector, and wait till someone declares war. Then just declare war on someone else for a very good amount of money. Can easily gain up to 5 mil from just that and LEAVE, doing nothing.
This should be redone to prevent massive cheesing, into something like bounty system(You kill ships - we pay you)

6. If you are unable to create a colony ship for some reason - you are not told why or what do you need to do. Only thing game provides is "Error/can't do" sound.

7. Applying filter in UI menu turns all items that are found on map into scrap, if they are below selected quality.
It should apply to quest rewards too, scrapping items, instead of filling your cargo hold full with junk.

8. Tiny, 12 races, fast pace,established.
This results in sector of 5 systems, each packing like 10 quests per race, which means you can come in, circle around system, kill 10 bosses, destroy 10 space objects, save 5 ships, kill tons of mobs, then hit R, buy all contacts, and solve like 50-60 quests, getting 3-4 levels, cargo full of equipment, tons of cash, several war declarations, several non aggro pact declarations, etc.

This is real cool, to ZOOoooooooooom.... through content, but makes everything else - BORING. Huge sector, 12 races, fast pace? 4-5 quests per system, instead of like 80, nearly nothing to do.

It should be either fixed, or an possibility to be added to pack as much quests and stuff in one system of huge sector ,as it is done in tiny.

9. Ship progression is forced to be G/Y/R Slots and only this way.
I am using mostly yellow and green slots, and I want THEM.
I can't skip due to forced red slot upgrade.
Why isn't it possible?

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Old 08-11-2022, 06:51 PM
DoomAngelBlade DoomAngelBlade is offline
Join Date: Oct 2013
Posts: 21

10. You shouyldn't be able to target anomalies with your weapons.

It doesn't do damage, but prevents an easy retartgeting, or can just straight up make you NOT ATTACK when you need to.

(I.e - I aim near my targets with my auto targetting lasers. It picks nearest target and shoots. If it happens to be an anomaly - I need to retarget manually to keep firing. Else - I can be just flying around, not firing for 5-10 seconds)
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