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Old 01-31-2022, 10:45 AM
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Default Advice requested

Hey guys! Been a while since I posted on these forums. I recently picked up Din's Legacy and I want to start by saying that I really enjoy it! I'm about 10 or so hours in, but I'm running into issues with every character I start.

Basically, I will start a character and get him around level 8-10 and then I'll hit a wall, where I just can't seem to damage enemies anymore and get my butt kicked. I've restarted 4-5 characters now and feel like I have a hang of the mutation system, i.e. put a point in skills you want to keep, save mutation points until ready, etc.

But my real problem is two-fold: DPS and survivability. I just can't seem to do either and always hit a wall around the same time. Everything is smooth until I reach a certain level and just can't kill quick enough and take way too much damage. Then it gets frustrating.

Any advice? I've got about half of the classes unlocked so far and am working towards unlocking more. Are there are classes that are better suited for the first 20 or so levels? I want to continue playing this great game but am feeling rather frustrated and there's unfortunately not a lot online about tips/guides for this game that I could find.
- Jorlen
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