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Old 10-15-2015, 06:19 PM
corfe83 corfe83 is offline
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Thumbs up Initial Thoughts

First of all, I love the game so far. It feels like the best parts of Depths of Peril, Din's Curse, and Drox Operative, with some of its own uniqueness.

1) Am I supposed to be able to activate travel gates found in the middle of another clan's town? I walked into another clan's town and was able to use the gate to teleport back to my town, and then I couldn't teleport back, to get to the other town again I had to walk. Bug, or do I have to have a certain treaty with them?
2) Money seems hard to come by. Am I supposed to find a merchant to let me sell extra inventory?

General Feedback:
1) Exiting the game is somewhat confusing with the feedback dialog (the one with the "visit forums" button) - in order to actually exit the game, you have to ignore the dialog and click exit again. I think most users would expect buttons behind the dialog (such as "exit") to be unclickable until the dialog is dismissed (by clicking "back to game"), making it feel like a puzzle ("how do I exit? Am I forced to visit the forums to get out?"). At least I did at first.
2) This game is slightly reminiscent of the game "Hinterland" (but Zombasite is so much deeper than that game). Gates are a great start, but I wish one could actually construct buildings such as farms or weaponsmiths. Consider branching out into some base building in a future game or expansion? Also similar to the game "Beyond Sol", another great recent release.
3) I remember from other Soldak games, some quest types must be accepted before solving them, or no reward would be given (or the quest will be unsolvable). Other quest types never have to be accepted, completing them without acceptance would still grant a reward (such as killing bosses). This encourages advanced players to metagame the system and only accept quests that require acceptance to complete, other quests you just keep in the back of your mind (kill monster X). I honestly wish there were no need to accept quests for your own clan at all before doing them. I wish the Q window had a section for "quests for your clan" that had unlimited slots. Quest slots might still be useful when accepting quests for other clans (to allow punishment for failure of a quest you accepted).
4) Some of the traits look really interesting, such as "Shared Life", "Mana Shield", and "Pet". Really looking forward to trying these.
5) I like that buying skills automatically binds numbers for them. I don't remember that happening in prior games.
6) I was slightly disappointed that the classes and skills are so similar to Din's Curse. The new supporting skills do help a bit with this.
7) Took me a bit to figure out how to equip town gates for defense. I tried right-clicking on them from inventory in town as one would equip a sword. I'd suggest the error message when a user does that should tell them to go to the Pedestal.
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