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Old 05-16-2016, 11:39 PM
Faceless Faceless is offline
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Random thoughts:

I understand that this is a 32bit game and as it seems to me that we are collectively having more system memory issues with recent patches (sound going out, quest generation crashing and corrupting saves, etc), has anyone tried Large Address Aware to see if it helps with some of the apparent memory issues? I was considering applying it, but wanted to see if anyone else had already given it at shot.

Suggested new handicaps:
Character Handicap - Bloodbound (or some similarly themed title):
Your clan members are bloodbound/lifelinked to you through the clan healthstone. Every time your character dies and resurrects, one of your clan members is randomly consumed to fuel the resurrection. If your character dies with no remaining clan members to consume, you lose the game instance and are sent back to the map generation screen. In this mode the clan healthstone is a critical target, with all remaining clan members and yourself instantly dying before game instance loss if it is destroyed (echoes of Depths of Peril here). In some compensation, perhaps you and your clan members all receive small buffs from the link, such as modest increases to health or mana regen. Probably not compatible with hardcore, though a hardcore version of this (perm character loss after loss of all clan members then character death) is an interesting twist. I originally also thought about suggesting that clan member deaths would inflict damage on your character as part of this, but I could see that causing an negative feedback loop.

Character Handicap - Quorum:
You must maintain a minimum town population or you trigger a loss countdown towards losing the game instance. Numbers are up for debate. For example, you need a minimum of 5 clan members and start with 10, or a minimum of 10 and start with 15-20, etc. All generated starting clan members are completely random and may start out incompatible just like normal. Clan members disabled by quest misfortune are not counted against you until they actually die and are removed from your clan roster (kidnapped, petrified, etc). If your character is starting a new game instance, he automatically receives free npcs up to the freebie start cap. This handicap is bound to the character instead of the map generation to avoid someone loading a map to get free npcs, then immediately restarting without the handicap. This might include a slight buff to the spawn rate of recruitable npcs. This handicap would probably be incompatible with Family or Loner.
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