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Old 11-24-2012, 03:43 PM
random_rolle random_rolle is offline
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Default Time for some suggestions.

Been playing the beta for a while now, and time to lay down my thoughts on balance and general.

First of all, game is awesome. Its superb, all my suggestsions are really minor adjustments.

1. Missiles, now that anti-missile weapons are automatic, missile weapon projectile speed needs to increase. ALOT. Both player and npc launched missiles are to slow, way too many enemies that actually outrun missiles. Imo that should not be really viable unless its a superspeedy boss. Anti-missile weapons should be the defense of choice. Not just speed.

2. Class/Race balance. Some of the racespecific slots are very underpowered compared to others. Usually because of "crappy" slot progression. Example, the shield active boost in cortex ships, it starts out great but even if you have a high end one after level 30 or so, your shields quickly outgrow it, making it restore something around 20% of max shield once a minute. Compared to extra reactor slot or some sort of weapon its very underpowered.

3. Quest and races. My opinion is that any quest that involves killing monsters/bosses in a system should ALWAYS give a positive result for ALL races living in that system, even if the questgiver and secondary race are enemies. Reasoning: Anyone with colonies in a systems should be happy with a threat removed.

4. Win conditions, i don't know if i am playing this game wrong, but to me diplomatic and fear are SO much easier win conditions than legend/economic. Maybe adjust numbers slightly?

5. Specific Modules:
EMP, was overpowered, recent nerf was too much, maybe adjust the damage drop off to somthing around 35-50% at max range, 10% makes it too limited.
Freeze Ray, Increase the movement debuff slightly, as it stands now, you are better off just using pure damage in most cases.
Missiles: See above.

Resistance Modules: Generally speaking, i suggest an increase in resistances, both for single resist modules and all resist modules. As it is now, its always better going for defense than resist in the terms of defense power gained.

Edit: Some numbers on defense layers effectiveness/weakness to different damage types would be appriciated too.

Edit2: Something vs mines would be nice, either being able to detonate them by quick runby without damage, or with aoe damage or something. Even anti-mine module would be somewhat useful

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