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Old 09-10-2017, 11:56 AM
Trace_Legacy Trace_Legacy is offline
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Default A humble suggestion.

Sorry for posting this here, im not sure where i could put this suggestion as there is no suggestion thread or anything similar to it.

So...i was leading a grand pilgrimage to slay my nemesis (a big sister imp). The area was very far away from mine and it took me about an hour to get there.
The nemesis was located at level 3 dungeon under that area, i enter the dungeon lvl 1 togheter with 2 of my best companions, a wizard and a tank/warrior. I walked through the first corridor and i somehow got teleported to level 4 of the dungeon and not a moment passed i was surrounded by atleast 30 to 50 enemies (i chose the raging hordes mode). We all died in a blink of an eye.
I was filled with grief of how i died in a absurdly silly way and the ugly truth of how i couldn't bring them back made it even more bitter.

So here comes my suggestion (finally )
I don't think im in the position to judge the game but i think that the permanent death of clan members is a bit . . . Hardcore?
I know that the raids and wars between clans would never come to an end if the companions could just ''respawn'' after a period of time but wouldn't it be great if we could somehow bring our friends back from the dead?
I suggest these 2 things: 1)Revival Through ''lifestones'' or 2)God of death
1) The player in the game has a personal ''lifestone'' that lets us get back from the dead.

Random lifestones could be a rare drop that you can find anywhere in the world of Zombasite. Once you have acquired a lifestone you could place the lifestone on to the gravestone of your fallen companion and bring them back.
Destroying the lifestone in the process.

2) As i have been studying the lore of zombasite i have realised that DoP and Zombasite are both set in the same universe. And i've stumbled upon a ''god of death'' a month ago, now i don't remember the name (or if the god even had a name) but i was kinda sad how most of this lore could only be read and not experienced. I was thinking... You COULD ask the god of death (through rituals and sacrifices) to bring back the fallen friend. The god of death would then ask you for a favour (a quest duh...) and when you complete it your companion would spawn somewhere inside the city ready to join you again!

Anyways thats it for my suggestion. By the way is there a way to donate directly to this company? I've bought the game over steam since i didn't want a physical copy of a CD but rather a key. I want to support the creators directly, not over a game platform that gives them a 75% cut or something. Thats all, thanks for reading!
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