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Old 09-27-2021, 05:52 PM
firecat666 firecat666 is offline
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Default Bugs and suggestions (long list)

I wrote this in 0.917 and haven't had time to upgrade to 0.918 yet, so some things might have been changed/fixed (although from reading the 0.918 changelog I don't think they were).

Bugs first:

*Bombers don't add DPS to the character window when summoned (but drones do, I think interceptors do too, haven't tested others but since they all use laser weapons, they probably do too).

*Fighter bay spawn with damage modifiers that don't seem to affect them. I remember seeing in the files that damage modifiers that specifically boost summoned units were added but the fighters bays don't seem to get those. Instead they get the generic ones.

*The EM weapon that looks like a TV and does a large AoE debuff to the attack stat sometimes spawns with damage modifiers but it doesn't do any damage. Pretty sure this happened in Drox 1 too. Also, I know for a fact that adding damage to this weapon, even if just a little, makes it overpowered. if you want to do that instead of fixing this bug, maybe reduce its radius and increase the cooldown too.

*Scrolling the system map is kinda wonky, especially when it's zoomed all the way in. The sector map is fine, though. (fixed in 0.918?)

*Game slows down massively under some circunstances: when I'm in an escape pod, although this also depends on some other conditions(s) that I'm not sure of; when I lose enough stats (from unequipped crew, for example) that I'm below minimum requirements for a bunch of components (as in at least 2, maybe 3 or more). Those two things are probably related somehow.

*Often with quests that ask you to kill an orange-named monster, the target will just be a regular white-named enemy (although with a proper name instead of the generic one). I think this only affects quests generated at the start.

*In the get quests screen inside the relationship screen, moving up/down the list can only be done with arrow up/down keys. I've remapped my up/down/left/right keybinds to WASD but I still need to use the arrows in that screen. In the regular quests screen I can move through the list with W/S.

*The calculations for max speed seem to be wrong when using thrust boosters (whether from consumable or equipment). My current ship only has one engine and when I use thrust boost I have capped max speed, but as I add more engines my max speed starts decreasing. Also, when I did the calculations by hand, I found the emergency thrusters equipment adds the correct amount of thrust as per the buff tooltip but the consumable seems to add less, and neither gets added to the thrust value in the character screen under the "max speed" tooltip.

*Can't get rid of the starting cargo bay in any way I tried (selling, dropping, putting in stash).

*Sometimes a moon spawns inside a very large planet, especially when there are a lot of moons and planets close together

*Seems like there's absolutely no difference between different sizes of diplomat ships other than their cost.

*I deleted all my old sectors the other day (manually, via file the system file browser) and all my young races somehow also got deleted. maybe there was some file I inadvertently deleted as well but I sent them all to oblivion instead of the recycle bin so I couldn't backtrack and check what happened exactly. Also, those .map files are way too large and they don't really get deleted when you delete sectors in game, is there any way to use data compression to make them smaller?


I'm not entirely sure if the following are bugs:

*The tenth light, medium and heavy slots don't increase structure but it seems like they should. The tenth light slot should increase structure to 250 and the heavy to 275.

*If you're doing something like researching an anomaly or exploring a planet, entering the relations screen and clicking on a race cancels it. Maybe not a bug, but very annoying.

*When you have two (and more, possibly?) fighter bays of the same type and level equipped, using one of them multiple times will summon up to the max amount of fighters allowed for both fighter bays. Not sure what happens if you have two of the same level equipped and a third of different level.

*I'm not sure if this happens consistently and/or is intended, but once I was trying to expand a race by sponsoring colony ships and they kept getting destroyed so I ended up having to do it repeteadly and the ships always tried to colonise the same sequence of planets (almost all of which already had colonies in them, belonging to another race). so when I sent 3 ships at once, it was always the same 3 specific planets, when I sent 6 it was always the first 3 plus 3 specific, even when I sent 12 it was always the first 6 plus 6 specific.

*Not sure if this is a bug or just me confusing things due to small sample sizes or not understanding how the game works, but I vaguely remember this happening in Drox 1 too: sometimes one or more pairs of races seem to get stuck and stop forming new agreements or upgrading previous ones, even when they clearly have enough relation points between them to do so. When this happens I force them to "update" by paying them to break the agreement they have or go to war if they don't have one, then when I rebuild their relationship it seems they promptly start forming agreements again. This weird behaviour seems to happen very often when I find a young race pre-space age that I can repeteadly flood with relatively small donations (but large enough to cap relation due their shitty economy) and then promptly spend to vouch for other races, until they're capped at 100 with every race. After I upgrade them to space age, the other races seem to refuse to want to form agreements even if they're at 100 relation with the young race.


The following are tooltip problems:

*The tooltip when you mouseover "race specific components" in the ship components screen says "2 or 3 slots below", but there are 4 slots. also, I noticed you can put crew in the yellow slots, but I don't remember this being mentioned anywhere. Not sure if it's intended either.

*The tooltip for the base skill of the race specific skill trees mention, for example, "+5 tactical" on the second line and then "+5 base + command tactical". Since you only get +5 tactical once and it counts as base stat, I guess the second line doesn't need to be there.

*When creating a young race ship, the first line under bonus reads "2 extra crew slots", making it seems as if they can house crew from any race, but they can only house crew from the race the ship belongs to (so it's exactly the same behaviour as mature races).

*I also noticed some inconsistencies like the light component that gives a temporary buff to attack sometimes having a highlighted attack bonus in the buff tooltip and sometimes not, and some other component that I can't recall now sometimes having an attack speed bonus from random enhancements with an inadvertently bigger font. Unfortunately I forgot to note these down.


Lastly, some suggestions:

Now with all the young races it's become problematic to find regular races in non-challenge sectors if you want to unlock subraces or to find the race your ship belongs to if you want to find new crew members, so I have two suggestions regarding this issue:

*A toggleable option on world creation to not generate young races.
*A toggleable option on world creation to always generate the race to which your ship belongs.

Other unrelated suggestions below:

*This is something I wish was in the game since Drox 1. Once you acquire some item that a planet needs to fix a problem, I'd love it if there was an option to "mail" the item to the planet or something. For example, in the quests screen, once you have the item, the "search for good" button could change to something that lets you remotely send the item to the planet for a fee and a with few minutes delay.

*Increase the radius for collecting scrap to be the same as collecting credits.

*If you pick up scrap manually it goes to your inventory as an item instead of turning into credits but I'm not sure if there's a point to this. Maybe just turn scrap into credits regardless of how you pick it up. After all, you have to go find a somewhat obscure option and turn it on, so I guess you really want that to happen. Also, it would be great if the scrap option could scrap quest rewards automatically too.

*Escape Pod component seems to have some kind of internal and invisible cooldown or at least it does when I use it plus self-destruct to teleport home quickly (I've actually killed myself a few times doing this). It would be nice if this cooldown got displayed somewhere.

*That mine that slows you by 50% and has a very large radius lasts way too long. How about 5 secs instead of 10?

*Ward Heroes' shields are way too strong. I calculated it at some point and found they were like 20x the ship's regular hp pool.

*Radius for for getting a relationship bonus for killing enemies close to a race's planet is a bit too small I think. The radius for killing enemies close to diplomat/colony/etc ship seems fine though, I guess because those ships don't usually have 2+ battleship doing rounds around them to keep enemies at a distance.

*It would be nice if when starting a new sector all your cooldowns got reset (but only when starting a new sector). Oftentimes I have to wait a good two or more minutes before I can turn on my Offensive Dampening Field. Either that or have those components that have both cooldown and duration that scale up with level to just have fixed cooldown/duration and not scale at all.

*It's kinda annoying how the ancients (Rizak, Nexium and friends) can destroy planets of pre space age races. Young races are effectively inexistent until discovered, so maybe they should have some protection from being conquered/destroyed before being discovered.

*In 1920x1080 resolution is there any way to fit 3 full size bags in a column without having to scale them down? Maybe by moving the bag windows down a bit?

*Heavy slots are a bit lacking in variety. Maybe the offensive rams can be moved to heavy so people can more easily make a ship that kills purely by ramming?

*Maybe this won't be balanced but I'd love to have the temporary thrust boost component on light slots instead of medium.

*Also, since Drox 1 I've been thinking how nice it would be to have shields that go in the heavy slot but this seems really unbalanced.


Sorry it's so long, I've been gathering these for a while.
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Old 10-03-2021, 05:45 AM
firecat666 firecat666 is offline
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Hello, I want to add something to one of my suggestions above: *A toggleable option on world creation to not generate young races.
Also maybe including pre space age ones found on planets and from reviving races?

I also got more bugs, all from 0.918 (maybe a handful from 0.917), these should all be easy fixes (probably):

*This one is important and very annoying. After playing for a while in challenge one, I notice non-combat ships start spawning without any or most of their equipment (I've even seen colony ships without colony module but I don't think this affects their ability to colonise). I'm fairly confident this happens because as the game goes on the races' technology improves and non-combat ships no longer have the stats required by the improved equipment so they spawn without them. Early in the game those ships seem to always spawn with at least some stuff, most noticeably shields.

*If you sponsor a diplomat ship when the selection field has no race selected, it will sent a ship to the first race in the list instead of not doing anything.

*When triggering a trap anomaly that spawns a black hole, the anomaly remains for a while instead of disappearing immediately.

*If you have a rebel quest, then click on the rebel ship while holding the quest item to open the deliver package window, THEN go to the quest window and decline the rebel quest, you'll still have the deliver package window open, then if you deliver it the quest will complete but you won't be able to claim the rewards because the rebel ship disappears immediately afterwards and you no longer have the quest in your list. I suppose you can fix this easily by having all windows be closed when opening the quest window.

*This isn't really a bug, more of an oversight: if you bring your vassals to a war with someone (by declaring the war yourself and have them follow) then pay for one of your vassals to sign a peace treaty with that race, there's no direct way to get that vassal to go back to war with that race. I think this also happens with protectorates if you cancel one of their wars? This could be fixed by allowing you to ask vassals and protectorates to declare wars. I'm not sure why this isn't possible anyway.

*In quests.gdb there's one instance of this: "QuestTitleRecruitBruntSubracePirates". There's an extra S at the end there (in quests.trn there's no S at the end, other related entries also don't have it).

*In quests.gdb, the following quest is missing the lines that start/stop the associated rebel quest: "QuestNeededItemUltimateWeapons".

*Can't see stealthed ships/stations from races even if you have enough radar. Doesn't matter if the race is friendly, at war or neutral.


I'm not entirely sure if the following are bugs but they should be easy to fix (probably) if they are:

*This one might not be so easy to fix but I think I remember it happening in Drox 1 too, so maybe you should look into it: Sometimes I see an ancient or monster race emerge and then immediately get eliminated. Every time this happens it's always by some monster or another, I even remember an ancient race being eliminated by an ancient ship of that very same race. I'm never there to see what actually happened but I assume the planet they conquer starts with 1 HP and then immeditaly dies from a DoT or some AoE damage. Maybe when an ancient/monster race emerges like this their planet should get healed to full and instantly spawn a few ships so this doesn't happen.

*Can't equip fast charge shields in racial shield slot, only regular shields, even though they're both classified as "Shield".

*The anomaly that causes "severe radiation damage" does way, way too much damage.

*A planet's max happiness is normally 0 unless you give an exotic resource thingy to a race or the planet has an anomaly that increases happiness. Is this correct?

*Maybe this is by design but I find it really annoying that if I open both the map and the relations screen I have to close them both before being returned to the game. It would be better if I only had to close the current window. But it's nice that I can switch between the two while one of them it open.

*Straight up giving money or information to races makes my fear points decrease but if I buy something and pay much more than I have they don't decrease. I'm not sure if this is working as intended because it's weird that it works like this.


These are small tooltip or text problems:

*The aggressive skill tree description mentions a "passive weapon" slot, but in-game they're called weapon boost.

*In the full help topics under crew, #8 mentions "the races care how you treat your crew", it would be nice if it also mentioned that the crew care about how your treat the races they belong to.

*The legend win counter sometimes displays a number with an extra redundant zero at the end, for example -57.10.

*In quests.trn on "QuestTextNeededItemSentientAIFromQuestPlagueCompu terVirus" the following sentence needs some better grammers: "If you helped us though would be very grateful."

*This is basically just cosmetic but it might take some major effort to fix: The energy needed line in tooltips seem to usually come after an empty line, before damage and reuse time, but on some items it appears right after the enchantments. I've noticed this on a Magnetar, Laser Cannon and Cloaking Device (all medium components).


Lastly, some suggestions. I think these should be all easy to implement if you want to do it:

*Ctrl+a while on a text field to select everything, please.

*Would be nice to have the planet screen not close immediately after selecting activies (sponsoring ship, hiring some services like brunt's bomb or shadow's spy, proganda, etc). Most of the time I want to spam these and having to re-open the screen every time is a gigantic pain in the ass.

*Related to the above, it would be nice if you could do multiple sabotages/propaganda/etc at the same time like you can with rumour.

*Slaves could drop more often, especially from random drops like from monster ships. I imagine most of them were kidnapped or something and aren't working for random monster ships because they want to.

*Autoloot for technology. Why would you not want to pick up technology?

*The "Use Hints" option in UI Options will display the alert for seemingly every skill that comes off cooldown but there should be some kind of minimum threshold so it doesn't spam alerts for things with low cooldown. Something like 2 secs should be good.

*The progress bar from activities like rumour/sabotage/etc blocks you from being able to click on stuff behind the bar. Very annoying. Would be nice if you could click stuff behind it anyway, especially buttons.

*Hot, cold, dry and maybe surface water planet habitability types are really bad. Sure, they're good for the extreme planets but they're really restrictive otherwise. Maybe they should get some bonuses on the most extreme hot/cold/dry/wet planets like terran and vegetation types do on paradise planets and less penalties on the more average planet types. Energy type is even more restrictive but they're basically the only type that can colonise gas planets, which are usually very big and rich, so they're comparatively fine.


This is about half of what I wrote down, but the rest is either complicated to fix/implement or I don't know what causes the issue. Do you want me to post them anyway?
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Old 10-04-2021, 04:21 PM
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Originally Posted by firecat666 View Post
This is about half of what I wrote down, but the rest is either complicated to fix/implement or I don't know what causes the issue. Do you want me to post them anyway?
Sure, If you are willing to type it all up.
Steven Peeler
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Old 10-08-2021, 12:59 AM
firecat666 firecat666 is offline
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I have everything written down but I need to do some editing and double-checking first. Also, I'm sure you have a lot of things to do already and I can be very nit-picky so I'll just leave these here for now while I make sure I'm not reporting an intended-but-obscure feature or suggesting something stupid.

I'll list the ones that are easy to fix and/or important for now, but first some corrections/additions/clarifications to things I wrote before:

*I said something about Ward Heroes having shields that are way too strong but it's all "Ward" type monsters actually.

*When sponsoring a diplomat and not selecting a race, the race can also end up sending a diplomat to itself. Then when the ship arrives at the planet it just sits on top of it while changing direction randomly, seemingly in a loop of trying to set course to the planet it's already on top of, instantly arriving and setting course again, it's pretty funny.

*Regarding races sending colony ships to planets that are already inhabited by another race, I think this happens when races can't see who inhabits which planet due to not having enough knowledge level. But it's confusing that it works like this when sponsoring a ship if the player has enough knowledge level to see which planet belongs to who. It's also confusing that diplomat ships seem to never have a problem finding a planet belonging to the race you selected.

*Regarding the issue of races not forming new agreements, seems like reloading the game sometimes fixes it. Also, I noticed that races with too big a difference in power seem to not like to form agreements, so maybe it was all working as intended after all? However, I once had a game with a bunch of races (like 5-7) in various states of progress towards Federation (including no agreement and I think one 2-race Federation) that had all stopped forming new agreements. Then after a while of me not paying attention to relation decay, one of the races declared war to another, which resulted in a cascade of relation fuckups and war declarations. After I had stopped all the wars and started rebuilding their relationships they fairly quickly started forming agreements and all ended in a Federation soon after, in pretty stark contrast to the previous state of frozen agreements. In this case I think I didn't try reloading the game to fix it. So maybe there really is a bug but it's hard to tell it apart from cases when two race simply do not want to form an agreement.


Bugs now:

*If there's one of those permanent damaging clouds on top of the star in a system, the game constantly shows damage numbers for 0 damage coming from the star.

*In 0.919 you raised the components window a little so they stopped blocking status effect icons but the sort buttons seem to have been raised a little too. Now they're blocking a little bit of the bottom of the bag windows.

*Black holes in the center of systems have EnhancementGravityWellBlackHole but it's not working because the actual thingy is called EnhancementGravityWellStarBlackHole.

*Selecting an enemy ship isn't possible if your left mouse button hotkey is empty or has an item from your inventory (i.e.: the switch equipment function). But you can do it if you put any kind of skill there, even things that don't target like a cloaking device or consumable.

*If you simultaneously sign a protectorate treaty and ask the race to declare war on another race, the war declaration fails, but it still shows up in the view/cancel treaties window.

*The option to purchase planet data sometimes appears even when the race doesn't have any new planet info. It disappears if you add it to the deal, then remove it.

*Made possible by the above, if you go ahead and purchase the faux planet data you lose relation with races that dislike the race you bought it from. I don't think you gain relation with races that like it.

*If you pick up an item in your inventory then drop it in one of your bags icons in the ship components window, most of the time it ends up in the bag to the right of the one you clicked unless that bag is full, or you drop it in the rightmost bag, or you drop it in the bag the item came from (then you only get an error sound). I very vaguely remember this bug not happening with some specific setup of having the stash open with some of the stash/inventory bags closed but the vast majority of the time the game behaves in the buggy way described.

*A few times I had a quest to "Kill 1". One of those times, the quest was asking me to kill a Beam Battery. Shortly before I had accepted it, there was a message saying "Beam Battery's fleet of ships has split apart". At the time I couldn't tell if it was the same Beam Battery, as I didn't have the quest to kill it before the split, but it must have been, as there were no other quests to kill Beam Batteries.

*Because the bonus to attack from Stealth is simply added to the player's attack stat, it carries over to minions (since they gain 50% of the player's attack). The other bonuses don't. I'm not sure how to fix this easily, though.

*Just a small and incredibly specific cosmetic issue: if you fly far enough away from a star system, the background layer with the stars and galaxies cuts off at a certain distance, at about twice the radius of the star system, instead of fading away smoothly or continuing forever.


I'm not entirely sure if the following are bugs:

*Speed debuffs from slowing mines and planets/stars gravity wells seem to be stronger than they should. I'm not sure how this is calculated, but it's not current max speed minus speed penalty, much less actual max speed (the value without taking the cap into account). Maybe all speed debuffs are working incorrectly.

*I played a sector for like 10+ hours trying to get my Humans to get the Computer Virus plague via Biological Accident but it seems I'd had none of those at any point. For most of the time I had like 10+ human planets infected with Hallucino causing all of the problems it can cause except a Biological Accident.

*Not a bug but the Computer Virus plague can be caused by Biological Accident, which doesn't really make sense. Also, there is basically nothing else that can cause it directly.

*I can change the pacing (very fast, slow, normal, etc) of challenge sectors with the pacing selector. I'm not sure if this is intended since almost every other aspect of challenges is fixed. I think those more-monsters-but-weaker/less-monsters-but-stronger settings also vary, in this case randomly, as there are no options for those.


The following are small tooltip or text problems:

*The retraining service tooltip doesn't mention that you can respec skill points.

*Emergency Thrusters medium component don't mention anywhere that their bonus works beyond the 300 max speed cap.

*The Lose Time countdown (specifically the timer) overlaps with the Entering Sectorname text. Should be fine if you move the lose timer and text up a little.

*The button tooltips for Show more/less/hide all text events and Message Options all sit smack in the middle of the text box. There's some space on the bottom left where you could put them. Also, those tooltips all appear at slightly different positions but it's not like more than one of them can appear at the same time, so it would be fine if they appeared at the same position.

*Funky grammar when a planet has a Failed Terraforming anomaly, it said "Planet Bob was Failed Terraforming project".


Lastly, some suggestions. I think these should be all easy to implement if you want to do it:

*Maybe this one won't be easy, but I'd love an option to lock specific bags from being auto-sorted. I have one of my bags for putting consumables and equipment for specific situations and when I forget to close that bag before clicking one of the sort buttons, well... Let's just say it makes me regret everything I've ever done in my life up until that point.

*Feels like the monster parts required to cure plagues just don't drop often enough and/or the amounts required are sometimes a bit too high and/or monsters just don't respawn often enough once you clear a system. Same with other types of quests with the same requirements.

*I'd like to see terraforming quests more often. These are nice if you're trying to set up a sector to make money but as it is I hardly ever see any.

*Rebalance of fighter bay energy costs so they're proportional to minion power. Maybe use drones as baseline, with bombers costing double the current amount, 3-minion bays costing 2/3 and raiders costing half?

*The anomaly bonus that boosts thrust by 50% for 1 minute is pretty useless unless very early on. Should make it increase max speed too.

*Instead of wasting money you should not be allowed to pay a crew if it's at 100 happiness.

*If I have the "Pause on Planet Screens" option turned on in UI Options, the game should also pause when I click a planet and it opens and window that's not the planet window, like delivery and solving quests. Also when delivering stuff to rebels.

*Rebel ships could have some indication of which planet they belong to, like Person the Rebel (<Race Icon> Planet Bob). Can be confusing to find the right one when there are 2+ on a map.

*Similar to the above, those delivery quests that have you take a thing from one planet to another and can only be accepted in person don't mention which planet the thing must be delivered from, only the planet it is to be delivered to (it only does in the chat alert when quest first appears). For example, "Take our Diplomat to Planet Bob (Humans) (Martians)". In case there are many Martian planets in the system I have to check each one with a question or exclamation mark to find the quest. Something like "Take our Diplomat from Mars2.0 (Martians) to Planet Bob (Humans)" would be better (like in the chat alert).

*Genetically Engineered Apes and Drakk Hybrid quests don't have a specific condition that causes them to appear, in other words, they can only appear completely randomly or via Galactic Karma, although Drakk Hybrids appear in one of the challenges. Maybe the Ape quests could have the same conditions as Generically Engineered Citizens and the Drakk Hybrids the same as Cortex Hybrids? I don't really know the lore behind these subraces, so maybe something else if those don't make sense. In addition to those two, Drakk Clones' quest can only appear via Biological Accident (and randomly and Galactic Karma), which is already a pretty rare sort of generic event that causes many other events, including many other subrace quests.

*Unlocking Pirates (the subrace) is way too hard. Pirate quests are already somewhat of a rare occurrence and it's fairly easy for them to get killed by a race, or accidentally by the player as their name doesn't show up on screen (I think it does in Drox 1 and Din's Legacy?). Maybe Brunt could have a considerably higher chance of spontaneously spawing a pirate quest, or the pirate quest could have a much higher chance than 0.001 to cause the subrace to appear, or maybe both.


Hmm, turns out there was a lot of text again but there's even more leftover here, lol.

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Old 10-09-2021, 12:59 PM
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I got a pretty big and incredibly annoying but easy to fix bug, so I'll post this here, also a few minor UI/text stuff.

The big one: I'm only 99% sure this is a bug, but from reading the quest description and text prints it seems to be, also it's an incredible headache to deal with: instead of ending and starting another plague (i.e.: transforming into the new plague), the Mutagen Virus has a substantial chance of creating more plagues (it's pretty high if you add all the chances together).

The smaller stuff:

*In the relation window for a specific race, with the Vouch or Plant Spy windows opened you can still click buttons outside those windows. I'm not gonna describe the problems this causes because they can all be avoided by making it so you can't click the buttons outside, like how the propaganda/etc windows work.

*In the message "Planet (Race) is starting to build a Structure near an entrance into Sector", I thought it meant the planet was building the thing in the adjacent sector but it was in the same sector as the planet. It would be clearer if it stated "near the exit to AdjacentSector in Sector"

*Some planet debuffs like Silent Death plague and Sentient AI say the reduce population growth by a certain tiny percentage but it seems that what they do is set the growth rate to a certain negative value. It seems that some other debuffs that affect growth work like normal percentages, so this is really confusing.

*The button for Vouch for a Race in the relations screen is a bit too small for the text.

*When you destroy a race's capital the game prints two messages: "The <Race Icon>Human capital, Planet Bob (<Race Icon>Human), has been destroyed!" and "The colony on Planet Bob (<Race Icon>Human) in Andali has been destroyed by Playername.", obviously that is one too many messages. Also, in the first message the race name appears a bit too much. If you go with that one maybe change it to "Planet Bob, the <Race Icon>Human capital, has been destroyed."


Additionally, there are some other bugs that I want to get out of my list. These have various levels of importance, from somewhat important to really specific to cosmetic/irrelevant (I'll try to put the more important ones first), but the common theme here is they happened under unclear circumstances, so I have no idea what caused them and I don't think I'll be able to find out. These are:

*This happened three times thus far: when trying to scroll the sector map by dragging the map around with the mouse, sometimes the behaviour changes from normal scrolling to moving the map instantly all the way to the left and top (usually far outside of where the stars are in small/tiny sectors), so that scrolling the map with the mouse becomes impossible. It's still possible to use the scroll bars when this happens but it's a gigantic pain in the ass because just accidentally touching the map causes it to get sent all the way to the left and top. The only way I found to fix this is to completely restart the game. I can't remember when or how this happened the first time, but the second time was right after I opened the game, so I couldn't really pin it on anything I did. The third time happened in the middle of a game session for no apparent reason.

*Sometimes I find planets with plague debuffs but no associated quest to cure them, so they just stay on the planet, even if it gets destroyed and re-colonised. I've also seen systems where planets had a tribute debuff but no quest to kill a boss. I've even tried searching for the boss thinking maybe it was part of a quest by a vanquished race but couldn't find it anywhere. One time when it happened I tried reloading the game and that fixed it.

*I'm not sure exactly how I did it, but a handful of times I managed to get races' credits to permanently go above the maximum they can have at a time. I remember doing this in a level 100 sector and it involved many hundreds of millions of credits that I had conveniently cheated into my bank account. I think I also had this happen in Drox 1.

*I was in a long game in challenge one trying to get the Pirates subrace and almost all planets had been colonised by the two remaining races (Fringe and Brunt), but there were a few planets left that either of these two races should've tried to colonise but didn't (I even got an error sound when trying to sponsor a colony ship). What these remaining planets have in common is that they are all planets that one of the races starts in and none of them is 100% suitable for either Brunt or Fringe (although the Shadow planet is 90% for Fringe). From what I can tell this affected most, if not all, of the starter planets, except the Lithosoid one.

*Sometimes a quest that should spawn an associated rebel quest doesn't spawn the rebel (or maybe the rebel spawns then dies quickly afterwards, I'm not sure). I think I've seen it happen twice and only with subrace quests, not rebellions or civil wars, and I think only with quests that were generated at the start of the sector.

*While exploring a planet I got a message "Looks like there used to be a colony here, but there is nothing here now", while at the same time my game froze for a second. To my surprise, I went to check the relations screen for any info on what this vanquished race was and there were 10 (TEN) new young races added to it, all dead ("eliminated by monsters"). This happened to me twice, once in challenge one, on the single planet there that always has a young race (it's either in Crux or Centildum, right next to the gate) and I think the other time was in challenge one as well but I only remember my game freezing on the first time.

*Once I had a quest to terraform a toxic planet but on completion nothing happened. It also started on the second step (gather some monster parts) instead of the first. But on the same day or the day before (in the same challenge but perhaps in a different game), I had another quest to terraform a toxic planet and it went smoothly.

*Sometimes I find an equipment with a certain rarity but it seems to actually be of a different rarity. I've noticed this a few times with very rare that seem to actually be of elite rarity, they don't get scrapped if they're too low level and auto-sort puts them among other elite equips. I've also seen a normal (grey) item that was actually common (it had a single enchantment and auto-sort put it among other common items).

*Sometimes some or all the text in the text box becomes invisible, with only the icons remaining visible. Not sure what prompts this but I've seen it a few times and when it happens it seems to happen a bunch of times for a few minutes. While the bug is happening, if I pause the game and start clicking the show more/less text buttons, the invisible text reappears eventually, sometimes with the bug stopping but other times I can revert the visibility/invisibility of the text by clicking the opposite button to undo what I did. Also, once I start getting new text events the bug quickly stops (and maybe reappears later).

*Once the Overlord conquered a planet but the first message it sent (greeting me) had the name and colour of a young race. I'm pretty sure it was one I had vanquished previously but I couldn't tell for sure because none of the dead races were showing in the relations window (I think because I had since closed and reopened the game, or maybe this is a bug too?). The message had the Overlord icon, though.

*At some point I received a message "Due to Memory Drain, a diplomat from race X insulted race Y", however neither race had memory drain. There was a third race that had it, though. It was friendly with both the other races.

*Once I saw a diplomat ship I sponsored heading towards a battlecruiser or some other ship instead of a planet. Not sure what happened to it, though, I was too busy with other things to escort it.

*In one of my sectors I got a Cataclysm: Holy War but the two mythical races didn't spawn. I think what happened is that the game mixed something up because there was no warning for the Cataclysm, instead, a few dozen seconds before I noticed I had the Cataclysm debuff, there was a Galactic Karma: Awesome Harvest. Also, I think the Galactic Karma played the sound effect for Cataclysm, I'm not even sure if they're different.


If I stumble upon any specifics that can help solve the bugs above, I'll post them here, but I've either given up on figuring them out or they only happened once under mysterious circumstances so I couldn't try to replicate.
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Some corrections and an extra bug and/or oversight from a recent change:

In a post above I wrote:
*Rebel ships could have some indication of which planet they belong to, like Person the Rebel (<Race Icon> Planet Bob). Can be confusing to find the right one when there are 2+ on a map.
Regarding this, I got confused not 1 hour ago when trying to unlock Cortex Hybrids and actually helped the regular Cortex Rebels, who were on the same planet as the hybrids and lost the hybrids quest, fuck me. Not sure how to address this extra problem, though.

In a post above I wrote:
*Often with quests that ask you to kill an orange-named monster, the target will just be a regular white-named enemy (although with a proper name instead of the generic one). I think this only affects quests generated at the start.
Regarding this, it definitely happens with quests generated afterwards.

The bug/oversight:
*This change from 0.918: "can no longer select self (should make some things easier and don't think needed in Drox)". I'm not sure what it refers to but I can still select my own ship by clicking on the health/energy/etc bars in the top left panel thing.
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I found some more details about this:
*Sometimes I find planets with plague debuffs but no associated quest to cure them(...).
This happened on a planet that split from a race, it had some plague and unrest on it before it split, with the associated quests, but after the split the quests were gone from the parent race and the race that split didn't have any quest, as per the usual behaviour of races splitting. But the debuffs remained on the planet, then reloading the game removed them. So I guess the bug happens whenever quests disappear due to races dying or splitting or whatever, then with the quests gone the debuffs become "orphaned" with no way to remove them except reloading.

I also have a small bug regarding Xenophobia and another that might be related:
*In quests.gdb, QuestPlagueXenophobia has these two events it can cause: QuestAnnounceCovenantRelationChangeFauxPas1 and QuestAnnounceCovenantRelationChangeFauxPas2, but they're the announce text for those quests, not the quests themselves.

*Also, I have a Xenophobia quest here that says it spawned a Genius Paranoia quest but Xenophobia can't do that. I'm not sure what happened, there's no mention to that happening in the sector log, but maybe it's related to the above in some way?

And two things regarding the new help topic for fighters:
*In the new fighter help topic, I think some extra clarifications would be great:
add "Beam" at the end of every line except bomber's because it's not clear from damage types alone that they all use beams.
Bomber (1) - very high (or excellent or great) damage & health, fires a missile that does Explosion damage
Raider (4) - less damage but [rest of text]
Drone (2) - good damage & health, [rest of text]
and for interceptor, maybe it should say anti-missile defense instead of just missile defense, or missile defense capabilities?

*Related to the above but this might be a bug: the new help topic for minions says they have a small chance to get promoted but it's actually pretty damn high. I usually get all my 15 minions to pink blip within like 5-10 minutes of flying around doing quests and killing stuff and I don't think I have any bonuses to promotion chance. On the other hand, it's nice that the chance is high because minions don't get saved when exiting and re-entering the game.
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Hey, more bugs (all from pre 1.0). Sorry it's such a huge list again! But first some additions/corrections to some stuff above:

*Regarding the high level EM weapon that looks like a TV and does no damage but can have damage enchants, maybe just turn it into a special weapon? Those don't get damage bonuses, and it kind of doesn't fit that well with the rest of the theme of EM weapons.

*More details regarding this bug: "(...)some other component that I can't recall now sometimes having an attack speed bonus from random enhancements with an inadvertently bigger font."

I found this big font problem on the following heavy weapons: Budget Disruptor (Manual Aim) III, Cheap Anti-Matter Torpedo IV, Cheap Quantum Bomb IV, Excellent Gamma Missile VI, Shock Swarm Torpedo X, Superior Nanomite Bomb III.
Also in these medium weapons: Budget Plasma Mine IV, Excellent Light Heavy Fighter Bay VI, Excellent Gauss Cannon V, Excellent Graviton Mine V, Cheap Omega Mine III.
I found it on a chip once too. There were more items but I think this is enough examples.
Just to clarify, in these items the attack speed bonuses (if they spawn with one) have a bigger font exactly like in that weapon boost component that boost attack speed for all weapons. From the looks of it, this is some kind of generalised problem, not something specific to any of these items.

*More details about this bug: "Sometimes I find an equipment with a certain rarity but it seems to actually be of a different rarity(...)"
When this happens it seems the equip is always one rarity tier lower than what it should be.

*More details about this bug: "Sometimes a quest that should spawn an associated rebel quest doesn't spawn the rebel(...)"
As an example of this, in the level 66 challenge (Revolution), everyone starts with civil war on their sole starting planet but there's no rebel quest for any of them.

*More details about this bug: "Once the Overlord conquered a planet but the first message it sent(...)"
Had this happen again but this time with a young race I had resurrected. Same thing happened, this time with Human's name and colour on the message (and the young race's icon).


Now some bugs that are either easy to fix (I think) and/or important, in no particular order of importance except the very first entry:

*First, let me reiterate this one because it's so annoying I actually made a band-aid mod with a "fix" to it: "instead of ending and starting another plague (i.e.: transforming into the new plague), the Mutagen Virus has a substantial chance of creating more plagues (it's pretty high if you add all the chances together)."
It should be easy (I think) to rewrite this quest so it works as intended, or rewrite the text prints so they make sense with how it works right now

*If you add 0 of a race's credits to the trade screen then demand, you lose relation if the race accepts (it counts as a successful demand). I guess if the race refuses you also lose relation but I haven't tested it. Maybe if you trade 0 credits with a race, you lose relation with races at war with too? I guess you could fix this easily by making it so selecting 0 credits to add to the trade doesn't add anything instead of adding "0 credits".

*When completing the rebel side of a subrace quest (I tested this with mutants and cortex hybrid), if the quest doesn't result in a subrace splitting, then you lose relation with the quest giver as expected, but if a subrace does split, then you LOSE relation with the new subrace and I think relation with the quest giver isn't affected at all.

*When you break a treaty with a race you LOSE relation with races that are at war with it. Quite a lot too, but I think you're supposed to gain relation with those races? I noticed this bug when I broke an agreement and it seemed I had gained relation with the race at war, but I wasn't sure so I decided to re-check this a few times and I lost relation every time. You also lose relation with that race's allies, but this is expected.

*Minions on aggressive can go after enemies far enough away that they teleport back to the player before getting to the thing. I think you reduced the aggro radius for minions (by half, was it?) some patches ago, but if you did it was not enough. Maybe reduce it again to 2/3 or even halve it again.

*If you click one of the little arrow under the hotkey buttons to open the extra bar, then click on a skill on the bar so you "pick it up", then click on any of the arrows so the that the extra bar closes (and another opens if you clicked a different arrow), the cursor becomes invisible. Then if you click the first arrow again to re-open the first extra bar, the mouse becomes visible again.

*Right-clicking on the system map to manually set a waypoint doesn't place the waypoint directly under the cursor. It usually (always?) appears a little bit below and to the left of the cursor. Zooming doesn't affect this.

*Some race ships are really tiny. I noticed this with diplomat ships of the young races Yilia and Canihama in the lvl 48 challenge. I think one of them uses Brunt ship models. Utopian's diplomat ships are pretty small too. I'm sure there were more but I forgot to write them down.

*Some ships appear really big on the system map. I'm not sure if it's certain types of ships or random ships, or random ships of certain types, or only certain ship models, but I've noticed this with freighters and colony ships of some races. Specifically I remember Utopian colony ships and some freighters that I think had the Utopian freighter model but weren't necessarily Utopian.

*Morath's sponsored diplomatic ships are actually battleships (ancient morath dreadnaughts, specifically), so you don't gain relation for killing things that are attacking them. I imagine other monster/ancient races have similar problems with their various civilian-type ships (if they even make use of them, I don't know if they do), though all ancient races seem to have actual colony ships at least.

*I had some quests to kill ships/planets of a race. That race only had one planet. I went and killed the race's ships/planet, then I'm 99% I completed those quests but I didn't claim their rewards right away, I saved and exited to check something else and when I came back those completed quests were gone.

*When an unexplored planet has an anomaly that spawns enemies, the anomaly fails to spawn any enemy. I see this often (always?) in high level sectors, but I remember seeing enemies when I had a low level ship in low level sectors. The sounds play normally when this happens, just no enemies appear.

*Not a bug but tangentially related to the above: there's one other anomaly that spawns some blue ball thingies that shoot lasers at everything close to them and it's so fucking LOUD when I have all my minions nearby. This one works correctly unlike the above, it's just really fucking loud.


The following are Crew-related problems. I'm not entirely sure if they are bugs because I still don't understand the specifics of crew leveling up, but if they are, they're important:

*I remember this happening in Drox 1 too: Sometimes a crew levels up but nothing on it increases except the level requirement. I think this happens when the game tries to increase a minor bonus (not one of the five main attributes), but it seems those don't increase (at least not substantially/noticeably).

*Now in Drox 2 you can find crew without main attribute bonuses, those always have a level requirement of 1 and it seems they always spawn with a skill bonus, apparently in place of a main attribute bonus (although I found a robot crew once that only had a skill bonus and a level req of 7). If all they have is the skill bonus then it seems they can't level up at all. If they have other bonuses, they can level up but nothing on them increases except the level req, and only by 1 instead of the usual 5.

*Sometimes a crew drops with a certain rarity but less enchantments than it should. I'm not quite sure about the specifics because I don't think I kept any of these as examples, but I believe it might be the result of the item rolling a skill, then rolling another skill but failing to add the second because it can only have one.


I'm not entirely sure if the following are bugs but they should be easy to fix (probably) if they are:

*Maybe this one isn't easy to fix, but it's probably important if it's a bug: Successful propaganda on a planet that's at Civil War causes the game to instantly attempt to trigger problems caused by Civil War. And it seems this happens to every planet of that race affected by Civil War, not just the one hit by propaganda. This doesn't happen to planets of other races.

*When pushing the "Next Ally" hotkey, it will cycle through a lot of unrelated things like rebel quest ships, the star(s) in the center of a system, uncolonised planets, and friendly ships/planets. I'm not exactly sure what the purpose of this function is, I've never used it for anything except when I tried it out of curiosity and found this issue. Maybe it could be removed.

*One resurrect a race quest resurrected Dimensional Invaders, lol. They didn't give me a quest to protect their planet but also didn't spawn a guard ship right away. They also didn't ally with the race that had resurrected them so I had to kill them sadface. I guess the resurrect quest can also resurrect other cataclysm races but I haven't seen any others yet.

*Related to the above, I once got a drox guild quest asking me to make a cataclysm race the most powerful. Specifically it was the Swarm, but I don't even know if those guys can have planets. I suppose the quest could pick any cataclysm race.

*Population growth on planets is REALLY slow (population decrease as well). The highest I've seen is 0.2, which I'm pretty certain is 0.2 health point/inhabitant per second. Takes forever to fill the health bar of planets with thousands of max HP. Maybe these population growth numbers were supposed to be relative to the unscaled population numbers (i.e.: the number shown in the Planets Screen, the one that lists all planets), but then you forgot to scale them up in the same way that the population numbers in the Planets Screen aren't scaled up?

*Related to the above but this is more of a suggestion: When viewing planet info either on the Planets Screen or by mousing over a planet on the map, it would be nice if it displayed the real value for population and not just the base value.

*If you have one of those "steal X technology", it suggests you to steal it from a race. If you then go and kill that race before getting the tech, the quest fails, which kinda sucks because you can usually (always?) get the tech when you vanquish the race. Maybe it's not really "stealing" if you loot it from the race's dead body? If you change this so the quest doesn't fail you can just rename it to "acquire X technology", and keep the suggestion that it can be stolen from a certain race.

*You can sign trade/free info treaties with a race at war if you sign a ceasefire first. Then when it expires or you end it prematurely those treaties remain valid. Maybe just make it so those treaties get cancelled when war is declared but you can re-sign them with races at war with you whenever you want?

*The Vanguard buff (from the general skill) is applied to planets but I'm not sure it even does anything (can you even miss a planet?).

*I'm under the impression that resurrected races start with zero knowledge about other planets but you can't sell any that you already have to them.

*I couldn't find any reference to this in help topics or anywhere: Seems like shields take more damage than plating. For example, when I get the massive radiation damage debuff from an anomaly, it ticks for a certain amount of damage twice or three times then my shields are gone, then the remaining ticks hit my plating but they tick for less. I'm not sure why this is, maybe damage to shields isn't being reduced by resistances or something?

*One time Legion had arisen as a subrace, I then went to their planet and vanquished them but didn't get a small chest. I don't know if this always happens when vanquishing Legion (whether it's in the sector from the start or not) but I got a chest when I did the same thing to Overlord in a different occasion. Not sure about Talon, still waiting for them to show up in one of my games.

*In a diplomatic win you can use orange treaties to "exclude" races from being considered for the win condition, but you still get one medium chest for every race alive. So you can have orange treaties with all but two races and you only need to get those two allied with each other and yourself. This even works if everyone is at war with one another except for the races you allied with. I'm not sure if this is intentional, it does make getting a lot of chest much easier.

*Not exactly a bug but if you donate 100k creds to a primitive young race to upgrade it to space age you lose a ton of fear points because of the enormous amount of relation points you gain. There's also the problem where you can donate relative small amounts of credits to them repeteadly for lots of relation points and vouch for every other race until 100. Maybe make it so you can't gain relation for straight up donating to a primitive young race?

*Solving quests from the "Order Bomb" service increases relation with the allies of the race that provide the quest and decreases it with enemies. Not sure if it should since the quest itself has no inherent relationship gain or loss. You can even bomb an ally of that race and you gain relation with the ally when you complete the quest, pretty funny.


Some tooltip/graphical/text stuff, also a few balance issues and nitpicks, all easy (just change some numbers/text here and there):

*EM missiles have the tooltips of EM beams.

*Additionally, EM missiles are dogshit, can you just remove them from the game? Maybe also extend the range of EM beams and make them chain a few times so they don't feel like inferior versions of the other EM options.

*The texts for the quest to recruit an Overlord crew member have this bit in them $$RaceNameHiveSubraceOverlordColor$$ but it doesn't exist in global.trn. I looked around a bit in the other recruit quests but I think this is the only one with the problem.

*There's an extra S after the plural in I believe all sentences regarding "diplomacy" between monsters. I've written down these examples:
"The Pirate Speast has somehow convinced the Storm Nematoss to declare war on the Rapid Lashers" and "An uprising of Leeching Schistoss has been destroyed by Schisms".
Notice the extra S at the end of the first monster's name. I looked around the game files to see if there was a problem with specific sentences or monster names but couldn't find anything.

*In quests.trn, the quest for Civil War rebels is called "Help the rebels on ##1##" but it would be better if it was called "<Race> Rebels on ##1## (Rebels)", to differentiate it from the Rebellion quest, and to make it the same as other subrace quests. Same with Justice rebels: "Justice rebels on ##1## (Rebels)"

*In quests.trn, the genetic soldiers quest is called "Rogue Genetic Soldiers" but the rebels versions is just "Genetic Soldiers". There's also the same problem with "Asexual Lithosoid" and just "Asexual". Also the paranoia quest sometimes mention Paranoia, sometimes Paranoids, it would be nice if they were all standardised to Paranoids to make them contrast a bit with Genius Paranoia.

*There's some space between the top left panel with the health/energy bars and the minions column. I don't remember that space being occupied by anything, so you could move the minion bars closer to the top left panel.
Additionally, you can move the text box down a bit if you make the status effect icons left-aligned and starting at the center, instead of center-aligned. I feel like the text box is a bit too much in the middle anyway, would be nice if it was moved down a bit, also with 6+ lines of text being displayed it starts overlapping with the minion bars. Then after all that I think there's enough space to display one more minion.
Conversely, you can move the text box and status icons enough to the right so they stop overlapping with the minion bars altogether (and then there would be enough space for even more minions!). Or mirror the text box+buttons so it's on the right and right-aligned.

*Systems with the asteroids modifier spawn way too many asteroids. Asteroids everywhere all the time.

*The exp reward for "protect the planet" quests (like what you get when sponsoring a colony ship) give a lot of experience for how easy they are.

*Vegetation habitability type only has 50% for monsoon planets but, y'know, it's monsoon (lots of rain, plants everywhere). Those planets even appear all green and covered in vegetation in game.

*Those invasion quests that happen in waves seem to take an incredibly long time to finish and have a really high chance of causing extra problems. Once I had two, both with 15 waves, in a sector here, I'm not sure how long it took for them to finish but by the time they did they each had spawned 30+ quests. Also, it's really hard to track the progress of these quests since you can't tell how many waves are left.

*Would be nice, especially when low level, if there were more ancient recharge stations. Also, if they were indestructible. Not sure why they'd be destructible when they don't respawn. Or at least I think they don't respawn.

*Seems like Galactic Karma events mostly have the purpose of harming a race that's way ahead of others or boosting one that is far behind, but as far as I can see they're incredibly rare in general, and the harmful ones especially. Would be nice if they happened more often and/or had a bigger impact when they happened.

*Increase the rate for base races to spontaneously get a subrace quest for their own subraces. Maybe by like 5x or even 10x, feels like Justice subquest appears almost often enough but the others are absurdly rare. The Brunt-specific chance to get pirates randomly, especially, should be bumped up by a lot, considering how hard it is to unlock the Pirate subrace and how easy it is for pirate ships to die accidentally.

*This is a nitpick: If you demand and fail, the printed message says "-X relation for demanding", but if you succeed it says "trading" instead of "demanding". I'm not sure if that's accurate, it's more like extorting.

*This is a geography nitpick: Grasslands are dry environments, at least compared to places with lots of trees like forests (savannas are a type of grassland environment), but for the dry habitability type they have the same percentage. Maybe rename Grassland to Steppe if you want a less generic-sounding name. Also, tundras aren't necessarily dry, they're just frozen for most of the year, but dry habitability has 70% for them.

*This is an astronomy nitpick: I'm pretty sure cyan stars aren't a thing. But there are giant and regular size blue stars (or more precisely, supergiant and giant). There are tons of references for this but I thought this one was nice and concise:


Some graphical stuff. None of this is really important but it's pretty noticeable when they happen. Also I don't know how easy it is to fix these:

*There is a cosmetic problem when planets change type (after terraforming or being destroyed). In the case of being destroyed, the texture of the surface changes but the clouds (I'm 99% sure) don't and the atmosphere colour doesn't change either. Maybe the colour of the surface doesn't change as well, but I can't tell. I have a dead planet here that seems to have been an arctic planet, it still has the arctic clouds (I think) and blue atmosphere and an overall blue appearance but the surface texture is definitely that of a dead planet now. This isn't fixed when reloading the game. The case of terraforming might be the same as being destroyed but I can't verify it right now. What I remember is terraforming a toxic planet into a barren one and it still looked really green instead of brown.

*I'm only 99% sure about this, but I think a planet here lost its rings when it got destroyed. I'm also about 88% sure that when it did, it degraded in quality to semi-arid from whatever it was before.

*Sometimes when a system connects to another system via both a starlane and a wormhole, they both appear on the same spot on the map (always both on the wormhole spot when this happens, I think). Reloading the game fixes this.

*This is just cosmetic but it's kind of really large: when opening the System Map (but not the Sector Map), every "effect" on screen appears on the map screen, but really large, and they all appear in the same relative positions to each other as in game. I think this affects all the things controlled by the Effect Detail graphic option. The vast majority only appears for few moments seconds, but one very noticeably stays there for at least a really long time (maybe indefinitely), the orange circular aura around reward chests. This seems to happen with every effect, from thruster exhausts to the blue/purple blips above higher rank minions to anomalies to explosions, but the vast majority disappears rather quickly.


Lastly, some (or a lot of) suggestions that should be easy to implement (individually, I mean, not all at once):

*This is the only purely cosmetic suggestion but I think it's the nicest one: the background layers need a few globular clusters. They fit every layer except the closest one(s) with the stuff from the local system and farthest one with the galaxies. On the closer layers you can use any of the really detailed pictures of (relatively) nearby globular cluster such as Omega Centauri and make it really big, for the other distances there are many great pictures of globular clusters that are farther away.

*This one is a bit more important than the rest, also may not be so easy to implement: As rarity increases, the minimum roll for enchanment values should increase too. Feels bad to find a legendary with all good rolls except important ones like damage or weapon speed. Because of that, highest rarity items feel kinda "eh, whatever" when they drop. As it is, it feels like it's better to look for lower rarity items with a few important high rolls and no low/irrelevant rolls so I can fill the rest with chips. In Din's games this isn't much of an issue because higher rarity items are always unique and come with fixed enchants, but here there are no uniques.

*The Uncreative tree only appears twice, it would be nice if one more race had it, preferably a Drakk one and have it combo with Natural Flyers. Same with the Scavenger and Chaotic trees.

*Different colour for minions and their projectiles. Maybe light green, like the common item rarity. Kind hard to tell your minions apart from race ships, especially when you're escorting.

*I'm not sure if I'm retarded but I can't find the sector name anywhere while inside the game. Maybe have the Sector Map display the sector name instead of the system name, since you can already mouseover system to see their quest list. Not that this is useful most of the time, but I was trying to find the log for my current game to check something and I needed the sector name for that so I had to exit the game. Or I guess I could have sorted my log files by modification date...

*Would be nice if a component's power load was listed before every enchantment and/or was highlighted in some way.

*Some way to know how much you can demand from a race? Like some tooltip on the demand button that says "You can demand money/treaties/information from this race with the total value of X credits".

*When you're doing an activity that has you select a race as target (sponsor diplomat, rumour, vouch, etc) and there's only one possible race it should select that one automatically.

*In addition to the above, these selection fields save your last selected option, but if it's invalid because you're interacting with the race that was you last selection option, it should default to the previous race you interacted with.

*When you buy a ceasefire it would be nice if it was displayed in Current Treaties with a timer, it's really hard to find out how much time it has left as it is.

*Would be nice if you could sidegrade between non-aggression/vassal/tributary/protectorate or at least remove the relation penalty for breaking the orange treaties.

*Would be nice to be able to see new quest messages starting from mutual protection instead of just when allied, and from vassals and protectorates as those two have the same knowledge level as alliance.

*When a probe scans a planet, any anomalies the planet has remain unscanned but you can no longer scan the planet manually, so you can't reveal and loot the anomalies. The same thing happens if you acquire planet data from a race. Would have been nice if in those cases the planets remained partially explored so you could finish scanning if you wanted. In contrast to the previous situations, you can still scan and loot a planet if it's unscanned to you, even if a race's ship has scanned that planet just 1 second before.

*Restrict gates' spawning area to be closer to the center of systems, sometimes they spawn almost at the edge.

*Maybe standardise missile defense components to always use lasers. I vaguely remember from Drox 1 the ones that shoot projectiles being able to hit ships and other stuff instead of just the missile they were aiming at.

*In the View/Cancel Treaties window it would be nice if trade/free info appeared first and the ones with a relation loss for breaking appeared last. Or maybe a confirmation prompt if breaking an agreement would result in relation loss.

*In Message Options (button next to text box), under Ignore Message types it would be nice if Monster Upgrades was split into player minions and enemy monsters.

*Maybe display colonised planets in the minimap just like gates and starlanes/wormholes when they're far away. Could get cluttered in densely populated systems but it would be really helpful otherwise. Maybe restrict it to closest 1, 2 or 3 planets.

*When a quest causes another quest this gets noted on the parent quest, is there a way to also note this on the child quest? Just a line with "Parent quest: whatever" or "Caused by: whatever".

*It's kinda hard to control the direction your ship is facing with the keyboard when you have too much thrust because the ship turns too quickly. Maybe have a cap to turn speed when turning with the keyboard but not when using the mouse to fly.

*Make it so gates, starlanes and wormholes positions are saved on the System Map once you're close enough to spot them on the minimap but not close enough to reveal the fog of war around them. By this I mean same way planets behave.

*When a quest target is destroyed by someone other than the player, you can see who did if you had the quest in the quest window, the description will say something like "Progress: failed (monster solved)". It would be nice if the print in the text box showed that as well, for example "John has been destroyed by Ancient Rizak Destroyer/Brunt/whatever/nothing (if it was environmental damage)"

*Maybe this is just my opinion, but getting all the way down to 35 relation when a war declaration is forced by a treaty is really dumb, especially if it's between two parties that had good relations before. When I'm trying to get everyone allied but something happens that results in a shitstorm of war declarations, everyone's relation score goes to the dumpster and I'm fucked. I really wish all I had to do was to pay off the dumb fuck who declared the first war instead of basically everyone.

*Some a way to cancel progress bars when doing stuff like rumours, sabotage, etc. Pushing esc, for example.

*It's pretty annoying that if you click-to-move after starting a progress bar from interacting with an object (exploring anomaly, planet, opening chest), it cancels the action, even though you can still move with the keyboard without cancelling it. Would be nice if you could move with the mouse without cancelling.
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I believe figured out what's causing this bug: "Sometimes I find an equipment with a certain rarity but it seems to actually be of a different rarity(...)"

Unfortunately I haven't been keeping these items as examples so I don't know if this is the only cause or case of this bug and all these items with wrong rarity I've been finding were all the same type or different types. I'll pay more attention to these items when I find them.

But in at least one case, the problem is that the item doesn't have the power load "enchantment" that nearly every item has. The cause of this is a misnamed thingy. In WeaponPlasmaWave.gdb there is this thingy: ModifierComponentWeaponPlasmaWave but in Components.gdb the thingy is called ModifierComponentWeaponPlasmaPulse
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Regarding this: "*I couldn't find any reference to this in help topics or anywhere: Seems like shields take more damage than plating.(...)"

This might just be a display issue. I think what's happening is that I regen a bunch of shield at the same time as the debuff does damage, and when it's only damaging my shield the damage number displayed is the full damage value, but when it hits my plating it displays the value that was subtracted from my plating instead, in other words the damage value minus my shield regen. Though I still feel like my shield goes down disproportionaly faster than my plating but maybe it's just a feeling in my head compounded by this damage number display issue... Maybe if damage happens at the exact same time as a shield regen tick, the shield regen doesn't work, or something?

Also a couple more easy bugs:

*There's a floating anomaly that when researched gives the message "Found an Ancient Beacon", but after finding many of these in game and checking the game files it seems they don't do anything.

*The light component version of engines (type: thruster boosters) has an inherent defense bonus just like the heavy and medium engines but it's not highlighted, unlike in those.

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