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Old 03-27-2016, 01:55 PM
Vastin Vastin is offline
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Default Happiness - Basic management

Right now the happiness system in the game is opaque and very, very new player unfriendly, because several of the worst sources of unhappiness are dramatic and invisible. Here are the key things to keep an eye out for:

#1 - never, EVER run your expedition score into the negative values. To be safe, never run an expedition unless your score is above 50 - for any reason. If your expedition score goes negative your entire town will start to lose happiness, if it goes significantly negative (it is very easy to run it down to -100 or more), your entire town will crater and everyone will definitely turn on you or kill each other.

Unfortunately, this isn't explained anywhere, and the interface doesn't tell you that it generates unhappiness, and it took me a few games to figure out why everyone's happiness was tanking no matter what I did.

#2 - Zombasite infection - this IS described in the help, a little, but it is still very hard to understand and deal with early on. Zombasite infections are invisible on your NPC's until it reaches an advanced stage, but it will cause the victim steady unhappiness and can spread at earlier stages. If one of your townsfolk seems to be losing happiness frequently for no reason, this is often the cause. Cure them ASAP. Until you get the hang of this, never have more than 2 NPC's in your town. The more you have, the harder it is to deal with zombasites. If you ever see parasites in your town, someone is DEFINITELY infected.

#3 - The moment you recruit someone, Open the NPC screen, look at NPC locations and right click on their (white) dot, and put them in a house(blue dots), that is intact(green dots - not red). Then open their NPC character panel and set their activity to 'Rest & Relaxation'. Don't put them on any other setting until you've gotten the hang of happiness.

#4 - Don't recruit a ton of people early on - 3 is generally fine, maybe up to 5, which is the most you can send on an expedition. More than this and you'll probably starve out your settlement until you figure out how to manage food.

#5 - If your town is cursed or poisoned, your top priority should be resolving those quests. Unfortunately, the cure is probably 5 zones away and at the bottom of an 8 level dungeon. Try to avoid getting cursed or poisoned.

#6 - If you have an NPC below -25 happiness and you haven't figured out how to get their happiness moving in a positive direction, it's time to kick them out. They will betray you soon, starting fights in town, poisoning someone, or god forbid they curse your settlement. Just get rid of them first.

There's a LOT more to keeping your people happy and leveling and equipping them effectively, but these seem to be the nasty gotchas that will guarantee your town's swift destruction early on if you don't know about them.
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Old 03-28-2016, 02:53 PM
scharmers scharmers is offline
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Thanks for this guide. The NPC stuff is very opaque, and your post helps.
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Old 07-02-2016, 06:18 PM
fab fab is offline
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I agree I had -100 in Expedition and since a lot of settings carry on even when making a new Region I kept getting unhappy recruits with each new game on my lvl 6 character in the demo.

So I finally created a new character to get rid of the problem.

The Happiness mechanic is not clear at all for a new player.
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