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Old 08-21-2021, 10:41 AM
eSmokefish eSmokefish is offline
Join Date: Mar 2014
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Default Trusty Patches the Scavenger's Modification Warehouse

Since there is currently not a dedicated modding sub-forum for Drox 2, I'm afraid this was the best place I could find!
Just dropping a few small mods I cobbled together, as I figured there might be others that might like them too.

To install the mods, just drop the zipfile without unpacking them in the Assets folder wherever you got Drox Operative 2 installed.
If you got the game through Steam: Right click Drox 2 > "Properties..." > Local Files > "Browse...", and you should find the folder there.
It is usually a good idea to start a new ship when adding mods to the game, as results might be unpredictable otherwise.

As a proud and honorable Scavenger Agent, and not the least bit amoral or suspicious of character, I am not to be held accountable for
any unforeseen consequences from the improper application of my perfectly operational and thoroughly tested goods and services.

"Skills 4 Less"
Changes the amount of Skill Points gained per level from 2 to 5, and also removes the extra points cost per Skill Level.

"Faster Levels 50%"
Cuts the XP needed per level by 50%, a mod from Drox 1 with a slight tweak. Original mod here.
Credit goes to joku for the original, and for being used as subject for reverse engineering purposes so I could dust off my old modding habit.
Addendum: It seems the original creator, joku, chose 15% less for a reason and with much wisdom. Be aware, the levels will come FAST with my version!

"Bonus Strucutral Perk Boost"
Just a quick experiment, simply gives the Strucutural Perk a hefty boost to its values, as I found the original regen benefits very lacklustre considering the amount of armor and structure one can have at those crew point levels.
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Old 09-27-2021, 07:28 PM
firecat666 firecat666 is offline
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There's some old mod from Drox 1 I had that makes crew and doomsday weapons stashable and it works fine in Drox 2, so I want to leave it somewhere. I'm not even gonna attach a file because it's so short, just save the following lines as a .gdb file, zip them and follow the instructions in the OP.

BaseCrewStashable overrides BaseCrew
NoStash 0
BaseWeaponDoomsdayStashable overrides BaseWeaponDoomsday
NoStash 0
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