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Old 12-27-2007, 10:13 PM
CautiousChaos CautiousChaos is offline
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Default Depths is Gametunnel RPG of the Year!

Thought you all might be interested in this - Gametunnel ranked Depths of Peril as their #1 RPG for 2007. Well deserved...

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Old 12-28-2007, 01:41 PM
Desticato's Avatar
Desticato Desticato is offline
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Agreed, this is wonderful news!

I haven't been playing DoP these last few weeks, but I'm planning on rolling a new character once I finish The Witcher. Steven, Delilah and everyone else who contributed to the game deserve credit for making one of the most captivating, intense and enjoyable PC gaming experiences in this gamer's life, and I've been playing since 1978.

I'm currently working on a gaming enthusiast site (at the encouragement of many of my friends who believe that I should turn my passion for gaming into something more than excited phone calls and hyperactive water-cooler talk), and I was discussing just yesterday the value of a game in long-term measurements. I noted that the worth of a particular title can often only be gauged after a good deal of time spent playing it.

For example, when I first purchased Diablo I knew that I was in for something different than anything I had previously experienced. I played it, beat it, and acknowledged that I had enjoyed it immensely. Numerous games had my attention at the time, but after I finished a few of the other titles in my backlog, I returned to Diablo and played it for six months straight. I also bought three more copies for my closest gaming friends so that we could all play together. In the end, I spent more than $200 for that particular 'experience.' In hindsight, I realized that had I known how much fun the game would be, and how long it would entertain me, I would have gladly paid that money up front.

When Hellgate: London was released, I was understandably stoked. However, two weeks after the game came out it was still riddled with enjoyment-sapping bugs. I counted myself fortunate at the time to have opted to skip the Lifetime Subscription offer for $150. Despite the problems, I soldiered on, beating the game with two characters. Patches and server stability have improved the experience but there are glaring issues that are still impacting most players. But I realized that it, too, has become a game which has a value, made up of both the fun-factor offered in its current state and its potential to be much more with additional TLC from the developers, that is greater than its sticker price. For that reason, I took advantage of the extended deadline for Lifetime Subscription just last night. It helped that I was able to rationalize the decision because of a sister product, Mythos, which I have been beta-testing for months now. I figure that every penny that FlagShip makes off Hellgate can only help in the development of that title, too.

Depths of Peril, like Diablo, instantly fascinated me. Unlike Diablo, once I 'finished' it I did not move on to other games, even though my backlog probably exceeds 300 titles. The amount of replayability, the game world in general, and the obvious care and attention to detail that went into making the game hooked me like few other titles before it. Previous favorites have included the X-Com series; the Elder Scrolls games; Sid Meier's Pirates!, Civilization and Alpha Centauri; the Heroes of Might & Magic series; Betrayal at Krondor; dozens of lesser-known indie titles like Fate, Weird Worlds and FastCrawl; and other stellar games like Outcast, System Shock 2, Planescape: Torment and the Ultima series. Each one of these was worth well more than the initial asking price.

One of the main reasons I have been rooting for DoP to succeed is that, despite the fact that it's considered an indie game, it's easily more engaging than ninety percent of the games released for the PC today. That it's priced as affordably as it is given the sheer amount of time that can be spent playing it is icing on the cake. It also stands out as the exception to a rather ugly trend: AAA titles being sold for as much (or more) online when one of the original touted advantages of digital distribution was lower costs for the consumer.

When a game is priced $50 both online and at the local store, and buying it from the brick'n'mortar ensures physical installation media and a manual, I'm going to pick it up in town. It's that much worse when a sale, within weeks of release, brings a game's price down by as much as 50%. Check online and what do you see at the publisher's official site? Typically, the original release price. Again, it makes justifying buying online quite difficult, especially when the money I save can be put towards a title like Depths of Peril, developed by a company that had the business savvy and foresight to sell its game at a price point that fits the digital distribution model.

Is DoP worth more than $30? God, yes. Like previous favorites of mine, I am well aware that its value exceeds that of its asking price. There's a reason why it's currently my Desert Island Game(tm). But at the same time I admire and appreciate its price point since it embodies what I believe to be the spirit of digital distribution, indie gaming and, well, my hobby in general.

So, while I wish Soldak big sacks of cash from the zillions of sales that Depths of Peril deserves, I'll temper that fantasy with the following commitment: keep making games of this quality and interacting with your customers as you have thus far, and you could get away with charging much more for your next several titles. You'd have at least one guaranteed purchase.

(Sorry if I rambled incoherently, for too long, or both!)
"My thread-killing skills are legendary."

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Old 12-28-2007, 01:52 PM
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ShaggyMoose ShaggyMoose is offline
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Congrats to Steven and the rest of Soldak Entertainment.

Desticato, your gaming history sounds very similar to mine...

It (DoP) also stands out as the exception to a rather ugly trend: AAA titles being sold for as much (or more) online when one of the original touted advantages of digital distribution was lower costs for the consumer.
I think this is usually a result of what basically amounts to blackmail from B&M stores. "If you undercut us online, we won't stock any of your games". The situation is going to change sooner or later, when online delivery becomes the norm. You can already see through services such as Steam and Gametap that older titles are more immune to this kind of crap.
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Old 12-31-2007, 10:04 AM
fathamburger fathamburger is offline
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I have to agree, given how easily you can lose a day to this game....This one RPG has replaced my entire desert island DVD which is full of every emulator, system, games I've enjoyed as a kid and this game is probably more engrossing than them all!
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Old 12-31-2007, 12:14 PM
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Shadow Shadow is offline
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Thanks guys.

Yes, that's why you don't see online distribution being cheaper than retail. If you make it cheaper you just undercut the retailers and possibly your publisher depending on who gets the revenue from the online sales. They are very likely to not stock your game if this happens. They have plenty of other selections to add to their shelves that aren't undercutting them.

Now once retailers stop selling your game that is a different story.
Steven Peeler
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