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Old 04-04-2022, 07:24 PM
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Default Simple Tweaks Plus - A Din's Legacy tweak pack

V3 update

Original inspiration:

I take no credit for the creation of any of these files, All I have done is to repack them in loadable format in separate zip files and test them.
I have added a few other Tweaks I have found along my way and alot of comments inside the mod files them self.
I tested on an active save and a new character, In my testing so far I have had no crashes other than what is stated below and it seems that everything is doing what it was intended on doing.

Permission was given by Known creators:

NOTE: If you use all files below you will have a different game, With instant lvl 100 you will not get the chance to build your character the way it was intended. How ever several of the Tweaks do make the game have much more to do and find if you do not use the XP boosts to max lvl in one kill.

To Install place the file that you want to use in to your (Din's Legacy\Expansions\Hardcore\Assets) folder.

Mine is located here on my pc.
W:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Din's Legacy\Expansions\Hardcore\Assets

Easiest way to find this location to to use Steam to find your files. Select game from library, right click, select manage, select browse local files then go to the above listed location.

Please review and use only the Tweaks that you want.
Please Note the first mods listed are not intended to run together but will do so and low xp will take priority in loading.
You may also want to open and Tweak some of the numbers in the files on your own, this is highly encouraged. All files are in a text format and can be opened with many text editors. Almost all the of files have comments to explain how to change them if you are interested.
Keep in mind, Not all of these Tweaks are meant to be used together however they will all load together and priority's are set by load order as noted below.
If you do not like a part of Tweak file you can comment it out with // to make that portion no longer load from that Tweak file.
Folders with original files are given for reference, none of the files in the original folders are needed. All files are incorporated in the tweaks listed below.

The list below is in order how it will load (numerical then alphabetical).
The Tweaks:
Revision #3
Numbers over 10000 will cause lag on level up.
Numbers are a %% value of what you would normally get. (I think)
Numbers under 1.0 will make it take longer to level up.
(Will conflict with, they both use different systems to change how xp is accumulated. One is for High xp gain and the other is for Low xp gain! review and only use 1.)
Makes leveling up require more experience starting from level 1.
The level curve is also much more smooth than before.
(will conflict with, they both use different systems to change how xp is accumulated. One is for High xp gain and the other is for Low xp gain! review and only use 1.)
Note::If numbers are changed the value will carry over. I.E. If set to 50 modifiers then changed later to 10 all items with 50 modifiers will become modified with 10 now.
Gives All items More or Less modifiers.
All numbers are changeable.
Numbers over 40 will go off the screen.
Removes the Scavenger mutation from the pool of mutations that you can get.
This Tweak Should be edited if you feel you are getting too many skill / attribute points.
Movement speed.
Skill points at creation.
Attribute points on level up.
Changes Stat Gain for HP and Mana, it also changes regen for both.
Does as file says but not sure it is working?
Has a List of colors available.
Adds more colors to Items, Treaty lines, Monster ranks and Trade route differences.
All adjustable.

Not sure this works.
Should change values of Salvage and Sell Values.
Should change values required by and used by crafting.
Does as stated or modifiable to give more than intended.

mod_Gold drop and Cheast
Does as file says but not sure it is working?
Increases resistance and armor caps to 95%.
Note:: It will still be EXTREMELY hard to reach these caps.
(Assuming that it is even possible.)
This Tweak Should be Edited if you don't want so many items. Notes in file - change the 8's to lower numbers, it is all 8/8 min/max. 8 items will drop always for each item type.
Very rare magic modifier. (Not sure how this works.)
Drop chance.
Drop quantity Min and Max.
Quality of enchantments.
Causes monsters of higher ranks to spawn naturally in the world.
Safer terrains like plains are now much more peaceful than deserts and dungeons, and night time is harder too.
Naturally, high ranked monsters will only appear in areas with a high enough level to be worthy of their presence.
Requires you to use or these items will have no modifiers.
Adds more than 100 items to the loot drop tables!
A list of unique, artifact and legendary items with blank attributes that causes the game to generate completely random unique, artifact and legendary items.
IF USED:: this Tweak ADDS items to the game so if you remove it after using it on a character build that character WILL CRASH as the items it has are most likely no longer there since you removed the Tweak file.
Sets the spawn rate of the combat experience affix to zero.
To assist in leveling slower.
Removes loss of XP on death.
Removes XP from death orb left at death point or add more to the orb.
Allows you to have up to 999 party members.
After 20 party members game gets slow.
Change amount and use at own risk!
Uber Spells
Changes Fireball, Mega Blast
Changes Teleport, Insta Port
Scalable monster damage based on level range difficulty selected.
Unlocks all classes at start.
Unlocks all classes for mutation.

::Note::VERSION Change
Delete all old files and use new!
Everything is still there just in a new clean format.
Many things moved from one file to another to assist in others editing the files to there liking.

Download Here:
or from the forum attachment below

Thanks and enjoy Chron/Zydoo
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Last edited by Chron2 : 04-20-2022 at 04:09 PM. Reason: update of info
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