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Old 11-25-2020, 04:23 PM
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Default Drox Operative 2 early access month 5

Drox Operative 2 has now been in early access for a little over 5 months and is currently available on Steam and GOG.

As of this post, we've released 26 patches (7 since the last post) with 933 total changes (152 since the last post), which can be read here. This consists of a ton of small fixes and balance changes, but there have been a bunch of larger changes.

Spying: You can now plant spies on planets. This gives the player more ways to cause havoc and allows another way (other than treaties) to get information on what the races are up to.

Planet screen: There is now a planet screen that shows all of the information on planets that you have gathered through exploring, spying, or given through treaties.

Anomalies: There is now way more anomaly variety. There are also now anomalies that trigger when the player gets too close and many that give bonuses that last the rest of the sector.

Rebels: Rebels are now a playable option once they are unlocked and all of the rebel factions are more interesting and unique.

Better 4X info: The player now gets more info on race ship tasks & destinations, race production, and planet values.

Component protection: You now have more ways to protect components from damage. Components can no longer take damage if your structure is over 75% and components to the left and right on the layout will protect those in the middle some what.

That's it for all of the major new changes, but there are still a lot of potential changes coming up (which you can see here).

As always comments are welcome!
Steven Peeler
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Old 11-26-2020, 03:59 AM
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I have been playing it for quiet a bit lately and still enjoying it a lot, all the small and large changes seem to improve the game every time.

There are some things that are not clear to me and some things that need changing.

Things that are not clear to me:

-What do you do with resources like Photosynth, Quantumite etc. They give a bonus to the races like 50% ship speed, 50% extra food. You can gift them or sell them but they don't seem to do much if anything. Also the game does not tell you what you can do with them.
-%-bonusses on weapons, are they calculated in the DPS shown or not? I added a % damage bonus gem to a weapon and the DPS shown did not change.

Might need changing:

Maybe I spec my ship wrong but at the moment minions seem to be near useless at the higher levels. Early game they were nice since they don't need energy to do damage but now I have a few slots with energy regen and energy on kill making energy a non-issue.
Minions do not have a lot of DPS and cannot hit race ships at all, since changing from a minion build to a full beam build the game got a lot easier and quicker, esp. races die quick.
(Playing a lvl 83 Scavenger in a 94 level game)

At level 70-ish I hit a wall, you are unable to select higher difficulties than 75 and 75 was way too easy and does not give a lot of rewards/xp meaning it took me longer than I would like to get to lvl 75 and go a higher difficulty.

For the rest I am just enjoying this game as a mindless time waster
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